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40 Days of Biblical Declarations (Journey)

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this Blog was reached in the mist of happy scrolling!!! If you’re a follower WELCOME BACK God Bless you, thanks for reading. If this is your first time on my page, WELCOME as well thanks for reading. I am Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a Woman of God,I am here to share my wonderful Journey with you. If you like what your reading feel free to like, share and comment, I would love to hear from you guys.


I just wanted to stop in and let everybody know what’s coming up. Tomorrow morning I will be starting the 40 days of biblical declaration by Pastor Kimberly Jones(www.kimberlyj.net), so we are decreeing and declaring starting tomorrow. I am EXCITED!! I have been doing the declarations on periscope with PK ,while at work, that had to stop, I needed to focus on my task. I ended up Purchasing the book, so now I can start the declarations at my own time.

While reading the Intro, PK has a how to do the declarations and the one that caught my eye said it was good to record your self saying the declarations so that you can hear it through the day. I could have used that info today, I am trying to focus on God in places like the work place and avoiding diluting my oil(anointing). by work place quarrels. No whispering, no complaining, and If I need to talk let it be great. So I’m extra excited about that. This is out of the box for me I am a talkative person, I talk too much. So in this year I must learn to be quiet and listen. Today my spirit kept reminding me I didn’t have to talk, I didn’t have to think of something to say. I’m sure my co workers thought I was mad Because I’m the friendly one. but I am obedient and have no desire to fall into a negative hole. So if I didn’t have anything great to say I didn’t really speak I stayed in prayer. which leads me to PKs advice, tomorrow I will have the declarations in my ear. So I’ll let you know how that’s going.

I am trying to make sure that I find good spiritual books in this journey and share with you guys because that’s what from sinner to saint is all about, growing stronger in God, and on that Journey sharing it with people, shining Gods light!!!!!

Until next time Be Blessed!

2 thoughts on “40 Days of Biblical Declarations (Journey)”

  1. Hello My Sister I loved your scope.
    I really want the book 40 days of
    Declarations but Hastings or Barnes and Noble cannot get it.
    Is there another way that I can order it?
    Thank you do much
    You’re a blessing


    1. God bless you I ordered mine from pastor Kims website at http://www.kimberlyj.net it is also on amazon. I would advise getting it from her site she autographs it the declarations are a anointed word I pray that the path clears so that you can get the book. best $20 I ever spent. I’m glad you enjoyed the scope hope you tune in to testamony tuesday today. God Bless sis have a wonderful night


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