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Amazing things can happen when you release yourself you can actually gain a active state of mind exercising the limbs that were meant to move for a purpose. standing in one place will always cause a cramp. Be Blessed ~ Rita~

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This was my Facebook Status a second ago I rushed over to the WordPress tab which was already open. (I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about) to share with you guys. “these words is EVERYTHING” that’s how the young kids say it. writers know this feeling we can spend all day writing, editing, researching and when we stand up our body cramps OUCH.

I was able to see a list of all the wonderful opportunities I have been able to take, I am so appreciative of God for allowing me to be released to not allow anyone else inequities effect my will to live. because I was given such a release and a renewal of faith it has allowed me to be used in such an Amazing way. I am so thirsty for the Word of the Lord and the more I learn the easier it is to have faith and be faithful. If you had a great Idea today and didn’t follow next time that happens just try just take a chance, you take chances everyday why Not on something that’s feels right. Something you know has God on it.



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