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Hey Everyone,

I’m hoping and praying that your day is going in a positive direction. I’m going to get right on in to it today I hope you don’t mind.

So I’m home way early from work. I came home hurt and Emotionally bruised and when I got home and told Abba he told me I was being pleasing to the wrong persons. My Lord gave me a job to do. So I’m going to be pleasing in that Job

I won’t go through what happen because I have been put back on my track by the Lord but what I will say is that God will sometimes show you who is paying attention they won’t align with what you’re saying.

People need to be appreciated you can’t go through praising those who don’t care and ignoring those who care eventually the person who cares will find someone to appreciate them. It’s organic of us to want the Gold star especially a hard worker.

I was reminded today that God is the one who validates our hard work not people and when you realize that people can’t stamp your validation card you can feel a great relief because some people are not of God and would never understand until God has shown them.

What I am saying is that Don’t allow someone who’s not spiritually where you are make you feel like your work isn’t appreciated or make you feel like your over exaggerating because God may have made you sensitive and emotional and that’s okay. This Woman of God appreciates you for moving forward in God, and appreciates you for who God has made you to be, she appreciates you for letting God use you and move you forward and be great and all you do.

God Bless you guys, I’ll see you later with scripture


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