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Romans 15:5-6

Hello Everyone,
I’m praying this Blog reaches you in great spirits, that the Lord is doing wonderful things in your life at this very moment. Welcome to my followers thanks for joining today and If this your first time welcome as well. If you like what’s here please follow and if you’re in agreement with what I am saying please click the like button and/or leave a comment I love hearing from you guys.

Who am I? My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and that’s pronounces WIl-a -mena  Lun -dee and I am a Woman of God/ blogger/ periscope broadcaster where find me Saturdays at 7 pm/ the owner of Wilhelmina’s things an online hand crafted Jewelry store/ And Founder of Journey in Praise which is attached to a blog and periscope. boy oh boy that’s a lot but it’s all for my heavenly father who has pushed me to push myself and spread the word. so your going to hear about Jesus Here.

Romans 15:5New International Version (NIV)

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had,


32221What a scripture I couldn’t have picked a better one. This scripture came from my Bible verse of the day on youversion it was right on point because that was the direction I was going in. Exhortation God has shown me this in myself all day yesterday. where I thought I was failing in my Tests it only became a testimony and knowledge of a gift.

Today  I had no desire to help the people who upset me yesterday God kept putting me in the position to help them. I did not help because I am a christian, but because organically I like to move people to better, I like to help others achieve their goals in great positive ways, I encourage others because it feels good, it feels natural to me. I remember back in my day they called it the gift of gab. I’ve learned it’s the gift of Exhortation to encourage others as God Encourages me getting over the hump.

I tried my best not help, but it seemed by the end the day that’s all I did. and yesterday I was upset by the lack of gratitude, today I realized I don’t do the things I do for gratitude I do it because I am a helper and I like to help people reach their goals.what ever it may be. At the end we’re going to put a praise on it, so everyone knows In whose name was the unity achieved in. It was Gods grace that I walked into work without anger. it was also Gods grace that showed me it’s what I do and I shouldn’t stop helping and encouraging and using my voice due to actions of man. It was Gods grace that this scripture popped up.

So I call out you guys to use this scripture in your life encourage 5 people help 5 people push pass the pressure and enjoy the peace of helping a brethren

God bless you guys


5 thoughts on “Romans 15:5-6”

  1. Yes, Wilhelmina this makes me think of the Scripture in Galatians where it says, do I seek to please man or God? So we go on doing what we know to please God which is what you are doing; and that takes a strong love for Him. Praise His Holy name for His love in us that can care for others, even in their unkindness and sometimes evil ways.

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