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Esther Chapter 1: how Esther became queen

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I pray that God is blessing you today, and he is covering you in his presence.To my followers thank you for your support you are so appreciated. If this is your first time here Thank you for stopping in, if you enjoyed what’s here click the follow button so that you will recieve future post. To eveyone if you are in agreement with the study like and/or comment I love hearing from you.

Who am I ? My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a Woman of God/ Blogger /Periscope host /online business owner/student.  Yes all of that but the best thing is being a woman of God I love being a servant of the Most High Sovereign God. Praise God. If you would like to be added on to the prayer list please send an email to  with your name and prayer request. 

We have finished the book of Daniel, what a wonderful book. In the book of Daniel we learned how to be faithful servants of God, we learned about fasting, and how important it is to keep a journal and right down the visions that God gives us.if you missed the blogs on the book of Daniel please scroll down and enjoy the lessons out of  the book. 

Now we are on the book of Esther. No I don’t go in order I go in Obedience, God has away of pointing out a book for me and I in Obedience study and share it, let me add that it is said that Esther is the only book that doesn’t mention God but his presences is noticed . Okay lets begin the chapter.

Esther Chapter 1

 This chapter begins explaining to us that king xerxes who ruled over 120 provinces (territory ) he ruled from his throne in citdal of susa. King xerxes held a banquet that last 180 days for the nobles and princes of Persia and Media showing how well off he was. After 180 days were up he held another banquet in the enclosed garden for everyone from least to greatest that encludes servant’s regular folks and higher level people. Wine of chioce was served and the best of food was available. On the seventh day drunk from wine Xerxes called for his wife to be brought to him wearing her royal crown to show off her beauty to his people, but Queen Vashti refused to be apart of what was going on. 

King Xerxes was angered in his drunken state called for the wise men to speak on how to handle the Queen, they stated to him that the queen was wrong, what does it show the other women that when thier husbands call upon them, they can say the queen denied the king they could as well.

It was decreed that she should never be in the sight of the king again it was written in the law of Persia and Media. Also that the king was to give her royal position to someone else who is better than she. The king sent messengers to pass this decree in every language to each province that every man should be ruler over his house.

Whoaaa that was serious I’m sure alot of women agree with Queen Vashti. Your drunk I’m not putting myself out there this isn’t America’s next top model. Mind you what I didn’t mention was that when king Xerxes was having his 180 days of showing off,  Queen Vashti was entertaining the women, so she probably was like man, I’m tired you just add seven more days we showed our wealth, enough. One things for sure how ever it went down God was shifting for Esther.

This is going an exciting journey especially for relationships I think that’s what it sounds like at this moment.

Before I leave If you have the desire to have a closer relationship with God and in need of Salvation turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved,  take the time to speak with him and allow our Sovereign God to fill your cracks, God Bless You

4 thoughts on “Esther Chapter 1: how Esther became queen”

  1. Beautifully illustrated with ur words n the picture.
    I feel sorry for queen vashti.
    She got a raw deal.
    We don’t know all the ups and downs of their relationship though just its downfall which makes xerxes look like a sexist pig but he just needed the right woman to introduce him to our perfect God.
    Please tell me more about your business.

    Liked by 1 person

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