Versatile Blogger Award.

Every single award that I received is such an honor and a privilege. I don’t have words to describe the warm feeling that I get in my heart. All I can say is thank you, I hope I continue touching m…

Source: Versatile Blogger Award.

I what a wonderful honor I was nominated by http://www.emotionsoflife2016.wordpress.com I enjoy reading the blogs. I am given something to think about and meditate on. I suggest you go check it out.

The Rules-

1. Show the award on your blog

2.Thank the person /people who nominated you

3. Share 7 things about yourself

4. Nominated 10 blogs


  • I am a wife and a mother of 5
  • I love Jesus 
  • I am a Lunch lady by choice
  • I love writing 
  • I love coffee
  • I have dreads
  • I love singing

Now to nominations

http://www.somawrites.wordpress. com


http://www.mommyteacherfashionista.wordpress. com

http://www.makeitultrapsychology.wordpress. com

http://www.endlessmusingsblog.wordpress. com

http://www.talkaholicme.wordpress. com


http://www.rhiannaelizabethblog.wordpress. com


Wooooo I hope I did this right 


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