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Job Chapter 31

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Praise God! I pray that you all are having an amazing Monday starting the week with Jesus.  I had a wonderful weekend crocheting and enjoying my family. Now here we are ready to enjoy a new week, walking and talking with the Lord.

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of the most high Sovereign God Jesus Christ. there is nothing better than serving such an awesome Sovereign God. Ok lets get in to the word. 

Job chapter 31

Verse 1-4

Job says I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lust fully at a girl. Job say that sin would’ve led to ruin *Adultery being the sin)

Verse 5-8

Job says if I had walked in or rushed in to be decietful, let God be my judge, he will know that I am blameless. Job says if I have sinned then may others eat what I have sown and may my crops be up rooted.

Job is saying if I am out here sinning God will know and may my blessings pass me and go to others. May I not recieve the blessing of my crops.

Verse 9-12

Job say if I lusted after another woman or lurked around my neighbors door,  May my wife grind another mans grain, and may other men sleep with her. That would be shameful and I would lose my harvest.

Verse 13-15

Job says if I had denied justice ti my men servants and maid servants when they had a problem. What would I do ehen God confront me? What will I answer aren’t we all his?

Amen, shouldn’t  we treat those who work for us good, and try to satisfy their needs. God created them as he created us. we are equal Glory to God  say that Job!!

Verse 16-28

Job speaks of how he would help his brothers and sisters, and his fear of God. He says if he lusted money and depended on it he would’ve been unfaithful to God on high.

Verse 29-34

If you have satisfaction in your enemies misfortune or gloat over trouble that they may be going through is a sin. Job says I didn’t let anyone in my house go hungry, no strangers had to sleep outside, I opened my door I did not  hide my sins in my heart.

Verse 35-37

Job says let me go to the Almighty with this I put it on a crown wear it on my shoulders. 

Verse 38-40

If the land isn’t tended to, if I ate the product without payment or didn’t tend to what occupied it then it’s harvest wouldn’t be fruitful. 

In this chapter we learned that it’s important to watch what you say to others ti not wish bad on one another, even if you don’t care for their personalities.  Also don’t allow a person lost or homeless go without  help. Even if you hand them an address at a local shelter or some sort of comfort. 

Now a days that’s all we can do. It seems alot of people are without God, we can’t just allow any one in ouR homes.

In seeding season allow yourself to be positive, don’t allow hate and pain to control your mind. It makes for a barren harvest. Becareful what you do to yourself and how you represent God the Almighty. 

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