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Job Chapter 36 Elihu Continues

Hey Everyone,

I pray that you all had an amazing week last week and God did something special in each and everyone of your lives, Glory to God. That nit only did he show up but he spoke life a into your dead bones Hallelujah. 

To my followers how are you all, Thank you for your support and your emails I am back gloryyyy to God. Sometimes God has us to be still for further instructions and that is exactly what we must do. If you are new to the Blog welcome,  Thanks for clicking the visit button or if you are coming from Facebook the link. If you enjoy the study please take the time to click the follow button so that you can receive notification of future post. 

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of the most high Sovereign God Jesus Christ. there is nothing better than serving such an awesome Sovereign God . ok lets get in to the word 

Job chapter 36

Verse 1-4

Elihu Continues. Elihu tells them (Job and his friends) to listen to him because his words are knowledge, he says I get my knowledge from afar.

Verse 5-12

God is mighty,  but he does not despise men; He is mighty and firm in his purpose. He does not keep the wicked alive, but gives the afflicted their rights. He does not take his eyes off the righteous. He enthrones them with kings and exalts them forever. But if men are bound in chains held fast by cords of affliction, he tell them what they have done, that they have sinned arrogantly. He makes them listen to corrections and commands them to repent of their evil. If they obey him and serve him they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and years content. But if they do not listen they will perish by the sword and die without knowledge.

These verses are true, God does not take his eyes off the righteous and when when we do things that isn’t of God, then we have conviction it starts tapping us on our shoulders “yeah, that wasn’t right, that wasn’t of the Father?” We know that we need to repent for the known and the unknown and we will continue to recieve what God has planned for us. If we don’t repent we will be stuck, perish by the sword. Sometimes the sword us a life time of conviction, death without knowledge.  To die without the wisdom that God wants you to have, to know and believe that you are set apart, that he has prepared abundance for you, more than you even expect coming frome sources unexpected. ( I don’t know who that was for but it wasn’t in my notes) Gloryyyyyy to GOD. 

Verse 13-21

Those who are not walking with God, harbor resentment. Even when he shacles there feet  they  do not cry for helo they die in their youth, among those who Idolize. But those who suffers he delivers in their suffering, he speaks to them in their affliction. He is pursuing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place from restrictions and at a table full of God food. But now your full of judgement of the wicked, Judgement and justice has taken hold of you ( he is speaking to Job) But becareful  that you are not enticed by riches do not be bribed. Would your wealth or all your things satisfy you, so that tou won’t be distressed?  Do not long for the night, to drag people away from their homes. Beware of turning evil, which you seem to prefer to affliction.

Elihu says those that are not walking with God does not cry for help even when they can’t  move but the ones who cry out in suffering will be delivered. That is true when we learn what we need to learn we are delivered. He is going to take you frim the restricted place and put you in a large space and he’s going to spiritually fwed you from his table. Elihu reminds us not to then fall in to Judgement or wanting wrong for others because that’s falling into sin. Yes we get upset when people do us wrong but we have to put on our righteousness and allow God to deal with people according ti how he sees fit. Praise God. Being bribed into wanting what someone who got over has leads you into thinking maybe if you didn’t follow God you would be okay and have more but the truth is Nothing of this world will take away you distress and suffering. No money , no house ,ni pocketbooks, shoes, sneakers, debt free, nithing your still gonna have that empty pain inside only God Can fill you up with what is missing only Good can give you the abundant knowledge to over come what you are going through. Even the rich suffer from depression even the richer suffer from low self esteem. Even the rich cry from wanting more. So no need to sell your soul for more your still going to be going through the trenches.

Verse 22 -26

God is Exalted in his power who is a teacher like him? Who has written his ways for him, or said to him, you have done wrong?

Remember to extol (praise) his work, which men have praised in zsong. All mankind has seen it men gaze on it from afar. How great is God, beyond our understanding!!! The number of his years are past finding out.

God is high in his power no one is a teacher like him, no one has taught him his ways. And no one can tell him he’s wrong.  Remember to praise him and his works, men praised him in song. All of us have seen Gods work, when we look in the mirror or out the window,   we need to praise him for the breath of air that we take, we can’t even say how many years he existed.

Verse 27 -33

He draws uo water and makes rain from the clouds, and abundantly pours it out on mankind. Who can explain the clouds or the thundering of his pavilion? He spreads his lighting and covers the depth of the sea.
This is how he judges the people, he gives food in abundance he covers his hands with lighting and tells it where to strike. His thunder annouces the storm, the cattle are also told of the coming storm.

How powerful and Sovereign os the God we serve he collects the water and holds it in the clouds and releases it. That the lightening even follows orders and is told where to strike. That we can hear rhe announcement of the storm. Gloryyyy to God we give him praises Thank yoh Lord thatvwe can see the  works of your hands Hallelujah .

GLORYYYY, now to the Important part, if you are looking for salvation Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on the cross and God raised him from the dead you shall be saved. open the door to a wonderful relationship with our Sovereign God Jesus Christ. Find a bible based church and allow God to pour his blessings over your life and feed you from his table.

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