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Ezekiel Chapter 3

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Ezekiel Chapter 3

verse 1-9

Ezekiel is continuing from chapter 2 (scroll down to 10/21 post). Ezekiel says God says son of man eat this scroll, then go speak to the house of Israel. Ezekiel opens his mouth and the Almighty feeds him the scroll, the Lord tells him to eat the scroll and fill his stomach with it. Ezekiel ate the scroll and says it taste as sweet as honey.

Ezekiel says then God says Son of man go to the house of Israel and speak my words to them. he says God says to him you are not being sent to a people of obscured (unknown) speech, and difficult language, but to the house os Israel. Not to many people of obscured speech, and diffcult language, whose words you cannot understand. the Lord says Surely if I had sent you to them,they would have listened to you. But the house of Israel are not willing to listen to you, because they are not willing to listen to me. The Lord says to Ezekiel that the whole house of Israel is harden, and obstinate ( stubborn refusing to change your opinion)  but I will make you unyielding and as harden as they are. I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint. he says do not be afraid of them, or terrified by them though they are a rebellious house.

Praise God! did ya’ll read that, The Lord said go ahead and eat these words, and fill up with what I need you to tell them. In other words digest, nurture, chew and swallow. you know it’s like when you eat, and your body takes in the vitamins that it needs to survive. That’s how we need to eat the words of the Lord, that it becomes apart of us. Praise God! He says go on ahead, to the house of Israel, and I’m going to make you hard  like them. The Lord will make it so that you won’t change your words, or back down. He won’t send us any where, without the strength to deal with who we have to deal with. We just can’t be fearful or terrified of who they are, or what they say out their mouths. once we are fearful, where does our faith go. ( I’m just gonna, leave that right there.) 

verse 10-15

Ezekiel says that the Lord says to him, Son of man  listen carefully, and take these words to heart. Go now to the countrymen in exile, and speak to them. Tell them this is what the sovereign Lord says whether they chose to listen or not.

Ezekiel says then the spirit lifted him up, and he heard behind him a loud rumbling sound, It was the sound of the beings wings rubbing together, and the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling. Ezekiel says then the spirit lifted him up, and took him, and his spirit was bitter and angry, with the strong hand of the Lord upon him.

Ezekiel begins to tell us about the exiles, he sat among the ones who lived at the Tel abib near the kebar River. he sat with them for seven days overwhelmed.

when Ezekiel speaks of feeling bitter and angry it’s because he felt the sin, and attitudes of the exile his spirit was overwhelmed and he need to just pray and digest the words from God and the assignment at hand. Sometimes are assignments can scare us. Lets remember Jesus in the Gethsemane garden, Jesus prayed; my father, if it’s possible, may this cup be taken from me, not my will, but your will be done. (If it’s your will) Hallelujah! Jesus had a moment. After realizing what was ahead of him Ezekiel Had moment hallelujah, My God from Zion.

verse 16-19

warning to Israel

Ezekiel says at the end of the seven days the Lord came to him, he tells him that he has made him the watchman for Israel, The lord tells him to hear his words and speak and give them warning for him. The Lord says to Ezekiel when I say tell the wicked man that he will die for his sin, and you don’t tell him , his blood is on your hands. The Lord also says, If you give him the warning, and he doesn’t listen, he will die of sin, but you will be saved.

Jesus! the Lord is saying if we don’t do what we are told then comes the consequences. If I don’t write the blog then someone misses the message. If my walk it out sister Tiffany, doesn’t take her assignment serious someone will miss prayer, and the word that God gives her. If who ever doesn’t follow the warning, he will die for his sin. I’m not going to touch on accountability. What I will say is,  if we are not obedient, then we will start to feel conviction. 

verse 20-23

The Lord says that if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and the He sends a warning or a block and they take it, they will die. The Lord tells Ezekiel since you did not warn him, he will die for his sin. The righteous things that the wicked man did , will not be remembered and the Lord says to Ezekiel he will be held accountable for his blood. The Lord says to Ezekiel If you do warn the wicked man and he listens then he will live, and you will have saved yourself.

Ezekiel says the hand of the Lord was on him there,he told Ezekiel to get up and go out to the plain, and he will speak to him. Ezekiel says he got up and went to plain and the Glory of the Lord was standing there, and he fell to his face.

The Lord had to explain to Ezekiel how serious his assignment was. You can’t just sit on it we have to take heed to our assignment, not to sit on it. when you are on assignment to serve, a soul is at risk and the Heavenly father gives you the assignment to speak his words so that there hearts can open toward the Lord. it’s our job to obey and open our mouths after that, It’s up to them. but if we don’t say anything then we are not obedient.

verse 24-27 this is what the

The Lord tells Ezekiel to go into his house, and shut himself inside, he tells him, you will be tied with ropes so that you can not go out among the people. The Lord tells him I will make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth, so that you will be silent, and unable to rebuke them, they are a rebellious house. The Lord says to Ezekiel when I speak to you, I will open your mouth and you will say to them this is what the sovereign Lord says, who ever listen , let him listen, and whoever refuse let them refuse; for they are a rebellious house.

Glory to God! he says they will tie you with ropes, have you against the wall, and the Lord will keep your mouth shut up untill the time that comes for you to speak. When you speak the word and the will of God some will listen and some won’t because this is a rebellious house. No matter where he sends us to speak 

Now for the Important part, If you are looking for salvation google, download the free bible app, or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Sovereign God.

God Bless You!


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