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Ezekiel Chapter 6: A Prophecy Against the Mountain of Israel

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Bless the Lord that he has given us another day. I praise him for being the creator, the Alpha, and Omega, Glory to God! Let us think the Lord for giving us another day, to praise him, and walk in his way.

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Ezekiel Chapter 6

verse 1-7

The Lord says Ezekiel, to set his face against the mountains of Israel and; Prophesy against them and say:  The Sovereign Lord says that he will bring a sword against you and destroy your high places. You alters and incense alters will be demolished. The Lord says to tell Israel that he will slay the people in front of their idols. your people will fall slain and know that I am Lord.

 verse 8- 10

The Lord says that he will spare some, and some will escape the land.  When Israel is scattered among the land, and the nations. Those who escaped will remember the Lord. The Lord says; how I have been grieved  by your adulterous hearts which have turned away from me, and by their eyes which lusted after their Idols. They will loathe (dislike) them selves for the evil they have done. They will know I am Lord , I did not threaten them in vain to bring this calamity on them

In these verses we learned that the Lord sends the warning ing Ezekiel’s Prophesy letting Israel know all the things that will come to the. The Lord also lets them know why. While reading I thought about all that we do now . If your smart phone or wi-fi no-longer works what would you do? are we Idolizing those things, putting them before God. Even as I write this blog I think a couple of times I checked my phone, For what? I don’t know. what I do know is through this lesson I know, that I need to ask God to make me less dependant on the things that are not of him.

verse 11-14

In these verse The Lord tell Ezekiel to tell Israel that the will fall from, the sword, plague ,and famine. those that are close will die from the sword, those that are far away will die from the plague and those that survives will suffer from famine. the Lord says that he will make the land that they live a waste.

Just think God gave them 390 years to get their stuff together. we are lucky that we have Jesus christ who took on the suffering for us. I’m sure looking outside or even scrolling Facebook you are seeing less of the Lord everyday. Lets not be like Israel lets take note of the warning, so that we may see the blessing and not the famine



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