Ezekiel Chapter 7 : The End has come

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Ezekiel Chapter 7

verse 1- 9

Ezekiel say the word of the Lord came to him and said to tell Israel that the end has come upon the four corners of the land. the end is here and I will unleash my anger on you. I will judge you on your misconduct and treat you according to your actions. I will not feel sorry for you or spare you. Then you will know that I am Lord. A un heard of disaster is coming. I am about to pour out my wrath on you and show my anger against you.

There is no way out for Israel, Israel had been the child that had to touch the hot stove over and over.

verse 10-14

The Lord sends the message that their will be no wealth,all wickedness will be punished. the Lords wrath is upon everyone. No on will prosper.

verse 15-22

The Lord said those in the country will die of the sword and those in the city will die of the plague and famine. all who survive will be in the mountains , moaning like doves. each because of his sin. they will put on sackcloth and their faces will be covered with shame, their heads will be shaven. Their money will not be able to save them in their days of the Lords wrath. the Lord says he will turn his face away from them and they will disrespect his treasured place.


The Lord says prepare chains because the Land is full of bloodshed and  the city is full if violence. He said that he would bring the wicked of nations to take over their houses. The Lord says that He will put an end to Pride of the mighty, and their sanctuaries will be disrespected. When terror comes they will seek peace but there will be none. The :Lord says that he will deal with them according to their conduce. Then they will know that he is Lord.


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