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Ezekiel Chapter 20

Happy hump day everyone, thanks for joining in to the bible study your presence is appreciate.I pray that your hump day is going smooth and your praising God in the mist of your day. let’s remember the Lord is the one to get you over that hump. Praise God!

For those who may not know who I am my name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of the sovereign God. Some of the ways that I serve God is; This bible study, Journey in Praise ministry that’s where I share life lessons on this Journey, you can go to @journeyinpraise on FaceBook and get connected to the different praise outlets ( blog, broadcast, podcast) last but not least there is the prayer wall you can email me at fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com leave your name and request and allow me to pray with you. ok let’s get in to the word.

 Ezekiel Chapter 20 Rebellious Israel

verse 1 – 12

Ezekiel tells us in the seventh year, in the fifth month, on the tenth day the elders came to inquire about the Lord and sat in front of him. He says that the word of the Lord came to him and the Lord said to tell the elders that he won’t let them inquire about him. The Lord asks Ezekiel would he judge the elders. He tells Ezekiel to confront them with all the detestable things that they have done. The Lord remembers on the day that he brought Israel from Egypt he swore to them he would bring them to a land that he sought out that flowed with milk and honey.

He said to them to get rid of the idols of Egypt that he is Lord their God. The Lord says to Ezekiel, but they didn’t listen and so he would pour out his wrath on them. For the sake of his name he kept from looking profaned (not sacred) he continued on with his word and gave them the decrees and Laws, and who obeys them will live by them. The Lord also says he gave them his sabbath as a sign between him and Israel, so they would know that He the Lord made them Holy.

Verse 1 – 12  Is a reminder that the Lord is not a liar. He made a promise to the people of Israel and he stuck by his word though he was angry he did not destroy the people of Israel he led them to the desert. Let’s remember he says he went ahead and gave them the decrees and Laws in the desert, and the man who obeys them will live by them. The Lord will not go back on his word he is not a man that he should lie. it’s what we do that saves us or kills us. what we do that puts us in the desert or the land of milk and honey.

verse 13 -20

In these verses the Lord says that the people of Israel rebelled against him, they didn’t follow his decree, and they didn’t keep His laws. They desecrated the sabbath. The Lord said; that he would pour out his wrath and destroy them in the desert. but the Lord said he wanted to do what would keep it from being profaned (ungodly) for his name sake. with lifted hands he swore that he would not bring them to the land he had given them. because they rejected his laws, defiled themselves, and were devoted to their idols. but he said to their children in the desert don’t follow your father keep the laws don’t defile yourselves with the idols.

Still with an open heart when he realized that the adults were not going to do as he told them, they were to stuck in their ways and blinded to the idols, the Lord still gave their descendants the chance to be in the place he promised them.

Verses 21 – 29

In these verses the Lord says that the children of Israel rebelled as well defiling themselves not following the decrees or laws. The Lord says he said to them in the desert that he would scatter them through the countries because they had not obeyed his laws. The Lord says he gave them over to statutes that were not good and ltaws they could not live by. he let them become defiled by their gifts to the statutes – the sacrifice to every firstborn. he says that he will fill them with horror so that they know he is Lord.

The Lord says to Ezekiel tell the people of Israel when he brought there fathers in to the land, they found a high hill and a leafy tree and offered sacrifices and burned incense and poured out drink offerings provoking his anger and the Lord says he asked what is this high place you go ( it is called Bamah to this day)

Even waiting, idol worshiping went from generation to generation and every time the Lord tried to give the descendants a chance for his promise to pass they still would find an idol. when the go in to the land the went to Bamah and gave offering that would provoke the Lord to anger.

verse 30 – 38

The Lord tells Ezekiel to ask the people of Israel, will they defile themselves like their fathers did and lust their vile images? The Lord wants to know should he let them inquire about him. He says as surely as I live I will not let you inquire about me.

The Lord says; they say they want to be like the people of nations that serve wood and stone. He says that he will outstretched his hands and rule with a mighty hand with outpouring wrath. The Lord says he will execute judgment on them as he did their fathers in the desert.

The Lord says he will tear them from those who rebel against him. he will bring them out of the land that they live, yet they will not enter Israel.

The Lord gives many chances for us to come to him, he is fighting for us and even though the were defiling and wanting to serve man-made Gods  the Lord was still preparing for them to recognize who he is, he now was pushing them to hardship and exile so that they can no who he is. Sometimes we have to go to the hard of hard in order to fall to our knees. Some are hardheaded like that.

verse 39 – 44

The Lord tells Israel that there will be a day that he will accept them there will be a day that they listen to his and there will be a day that they will no longer profane his holy name.

verse 45 – 49

The Lord tells Ezekiel to prophesy against the south and he says tell them that the Lord will set a fire that no one can put out and people will know that the Lord has kindled it. Ezekiel says to the Lord that they think he is only speaking in parables.



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