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Ezekiel Chapter 21

God Bless you all !

Thanks for clicking the link and joining in to the bible study. I pray that ou all had a wonderful Holiday enjoyed with friends and family but most of all appreciation for what God has done for you in this year. This is the chance to take the time to reflect on the moves and work of God. we serve an awesome God.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. Some of the ways I serve God is this blog, Also Journey In Praise you can find all the outlets on the @journeyinpraise FaceBook page which is the Podcast, YouTube and Periscope broadcast. And last but not least the prayer wall, If you are interested in being add to the prayer wall you can send your name and request to fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com. Ok let’s get in to the word.

Ezekiel 21 Babylon God’s sword of judgement

verse 1- 7

The Lord says to Ezekiel to tell Jerusalem that he will draw his sword from its scabbard ( a holder for a sword) and cut both the righteous and wicked from her. His sword will be put out against everyone from the south to the north. He tells Ezekiel to let out a groan before them with a broken heart and bitter grief. The Lord says because of the news that is coming every heart will melt and everyhand will go limp. Every spirit will become faint and every knee will become weak as water.

The Lord tells Ezekiel to let out a groan oto warn Jerusalem of the pain and heart ache that is coming. God always sends warnings to us of what’s to come, the question is are we willing to listen. we learned early in this book that the prophets job is to warn us is to prophesy what’s to come. 

verse 8 – 12

The Lord told Ezekiel to prophesy and say a sword sharpened for the slaughter, polished to flash like lightning. the sword is made ready for the hand of the slayer. the Lord tells Ezekiel to cry out and wail. against the people and princes of Israel. they will be thrown to the sword. the Lord tells Ezekiel to beat his chest.

The Lord tells Ezekiel to warn Israel of the mourning that’s to come. The sword will be against the rulers and the people.

verse 13 -17

The Lord tells Ezekiel that there will be testing and if the ornament of Judah does not continue. the Lord tells Ezekiel to strike his hands together, three times. this will symbolize the sword for slaughter closing in on them from every side. made to flash like lightning. the Lord say that he will also strike his hands together and this will stop his wrath.

verse 18 – 24

The Lord told Ezekiel to mark out two roads for the sword of the king of Babylon to take. one road for the sword to come against Rabbath of the Ammonites and another for Judah and Jerusalem. He says the king will stop at a fork in the road and cast lots, and consult his idols. The Lord says because Israel has done their rebellion in the open and revealed their sins they will be taken captives.

verse 25 – 32

The Lord tells Ezekiel tp tell the prince of Israel to take off his turban and crown, the low will be exalted and the exalted. The Lord say he will not restore it until it comes to whom it rightfully belongs to. The sword will be laid on the necks of the wicked wha are to be slain. who’s time of punishment has reached it’s climax. In the place where they were created in the land of their ancestry he will judge them, pour out his wrath upon them  remembered no more for He the Lord had spoken.

In this Chapter God hands the house of Israel over to the Babylon king, as many died and the prince was taken capture by Nebuchadnezzar. The Lord shows that He has control over what happens even using people who do not pray to him. when he says the Babylon king will cast lots and consult his idol. yet the Lord set that up. as Ezekiel drew it up, it will come to pass. When God has a plan he will use who he needs to bring forth his word. If the Lord tells you that you are going to be great at a certain thing no matter who is trying to stand in the way maybe they are standing there because it is not yet time for you to go pass maybe the lord stopped you so that he can move the people that’s needed in position. It’s important not to give the enemy so much credit but give God the Glory and faith that he’s moving somethings around. Sometimes you can be praying for one thing and canceling out what God has prepared for you because your bring =ing in your will and not his will. Glory to God. 

Now for the Important part, If you are looking for salvation and Looking to start a relationship with the sovereign God. Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 confess with your mouth the Jesus is Lord and believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead. You Shall be saved! Be Blessed


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