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Ezeiel Chapter 22

Praise God !

Happy Monday Everyone, I pray that your holiday was amazing, and you enjoyed your family and some good food. To my followers Thanks for joining in, I appreciate you all for sharing the word of the Lord with me. If you are new to this blog welcome let me introduce myself.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. Some of the ways that I serve the Lord is this blog that you are reading, here is where we share the word in bible study. There is also the Journey in praise ministries and you can catch the Journey in praise on Periscope (@WilhelminaLundy) YouTube (Journey in praise) and the audio at soundcloud and Itunes ( Journeyinpraise)  Also if you would like to be added to the prayer wall you can email me at fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com and I can pray with you. The Lord says when two or more are joined in prayer he is there. Now Let’s get in to the word.

Ezeiel Chapter 22  Jerusalem sins

verse 1- 5

The Lord asks Ezekiel to judge the city of Jerusalem for all her detestable things, and then say to them the Lord says; the blood shed and idol worshiping has caused you to be at your end. The Lord say that he will make you the laughingstock and an example for all nations.

The Lord has Ezekiel tell Jerusalem exactly why they are about to go through their time and what will come. They are to be judged for their actions.

verse 6 – 12

In these verses the Lord says that through the Princes of Israel; you all have treated your parents bad; you have treated a visitor bad, the fatherless and widows. You have not honored the holy things and have desecrated the Lords sabbaths. you have slandered and killed. You have eaten at the mountain shrines and committed lewd acts. you have violated women during their period of unclean ceremony, detestable acts to your neighbor’s wife, your fathers daughters. Your men have accept bribes and you have forgotten me.

In these verses the Lord says here are your crimes, this is why, here is your wrap sheet. All these things you have done without even thinking about me the Lord. As I read down the list I shook my head, because these are the things that we are seeing now. bribery, infidelity has become entertainment not only are we seeing these things in the streets we are seeing them praised on TV honored in what would be called our favorite shows. All the things that God detest. For entertainmentreasons we are indulging .

verse 13 – 16

The Lord says that he will clap his hands together at the unjust and gain. The Lord asks will you have courage against me?  Will your hand be strong in the day I deal with you? I will scatter you and put an end to your uncleanliness.

Listen real quick, the Lord has dealt with the bullies. He says will you be strong then. you’re doing all this destruction and killing taking a life that I saw fit to give. Your sharing and teaching how to be detestable, how to worship Idols and cover things that you should not be covering. Let me see if you are that bad, when my wrath is upon you. My God, My God he says I am going to scatter you and where you are scattered you will despised. Glory to God  and I will put an end to your uncleanliness and then you will know I AM LORD. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

verse 17 – 22

In these verses the Lord says to Ezekiel tell them that the house of Israel is worthless to me and because you have become worthless I will let off my anger and wrath I will put you inside the city and melt you like silver in a furnace. and then you will know I am Lord.

In this time there will be heat and no rain or showers a drougt Ezekiel 22:24

verse 23 – 29

The Lord says to Ezekiel tell them that their princes devour and tear people like lions to their prey. their prophets are false  destroying people, making widows out of women teaching that their’s no difference between clean and unclean. they disrespect my holy things. They kill to make unjust gain, the prophets Whitewash (cover up and don’t build a foundations).They oppress the poor and needy and mistreat the strangers.

here’s the part we need to think about, Praise Jesus that we don’t go through the clean and unclean practices we thank Jesus for his sacrifice that in him we may go to the Lord clean. Next is whitewashing if you just started the study, whitewashing is when a prophet doesn’t build you up but just cover up or give you unsound word so that when trouble comes you crumble instead of stand on the word of God.  Your foundation should be strong enough that  if trouble is coming your way you are not consumed in when it’s going to hit.  You are focused on God and how he is covering you through it. You may say it’s easy to say that when you are not living it. And I say think about Jesus on that boat sleep and everyone was afraid of the storm yet Jesus was resting and when they woke him up he command the storm to GO. That’s what we have to rest on Gods word that we have the Authority given by ABBA to tell the storm to GO to get beneath thee tell your storm to GO, GO, GOGOGO. Hallelujah I don’t know who that’s for but tell your storm to Go.

verse 30 -31

The Lord says that he looked before the men to find someone who could stand in the Gap before him and he found none. and so he will pour out his wrath and consume them with his fiery.

Listen before he set off his wrath he said he looked for someone who would stand in the Gap. this reminds me when Abraham stood in the gap in Genesis 18 for Sodom and he says to the Lord will you destroy the righteous with the wicked and the Lord says to Abraham for the sake of ten, I will not destroy it. Are you willing to stand in the gap on the behalf of your people. are you willing to be Abraham for your Sodom. We are living in a day that we are blessed that God is a man of his word. It reminds me also of Daniel, Daniel did not pray for himself he prayed and fast on behalf of his people. When you go to the throne next time go on behalf of your Israel on behalf of your Sodom. Because they need us to stand in the gap more than ever.

Now for the most Important part If you are looking for Salvation turn your bible, google, or download the free bible app and go to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead and you shall be saved. get in to the word start with Genesis, or Ezekiel where ever the page stops and get in to the word allow Jesus toi cover you during your storm so that you can build your authority to tell storm to GO  Glory to God.




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