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Ezekiel Chapter 32


Hey Everyone,

Praise God! welcome thanks for joining in Happy hump day. I’m sure your praising your way all the way up that hump. To my followers welcome back! If you are new to this blog Welcome let introduce myself.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. Some of the ways that I serve the Lord is here in bible study I have been allowed to fellowship with you all and go over the word. There’s the Journey In Praise Ministries you can find the Podcast @journeyinpraise on soundcloud and Itunes. The broadcast airs daily at 7pm on Periscope @WilhelminaLundy and is loaded on YouTube @journeyinpraise also there’s the daily scripture and encouragement at http://www.journeyinpraise.wordpress.com. If you are on Facebook you can like the Facebook page in the about me section of this page and be in touch with Journey In Praise. Last but not least the prayer wall. My office has the prayer wall where I offer up prayers in the name of others if you would like me to pray with you, you can send your name to fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com. Okay now that the intro is out-of-the-way let’s get in to the word of the Lord.

Ezekiel Chapter 32 A Lament for Pharoah

Ezekiel says In the twelfth year, in the twelfth month on the first day the word of the Lord came to him. and told him to take up grieving for Pharoah King of Egypt and say to him.

That he is like a lion among nations, a sea monster and the Lord will cast his net and catch him, and feed him to the birds, and the beast. Allow his blood to flow through the valley.. The Lord says he will bring darkness in the land of Pharoah. The Lord says that he will trouble the hearts of many people, when he brings Pharaohs destruction among the nations.

for those who Pharoah doesn’t know they will be appalled by him, and the kings will be in horror because of him, when the Lords sword comes down each of them will tremble.The Lord will send the sword of the king of Babylon.

In this Chapter the Lord had favor over Nebuchadnezzar to carry out his word and confirm the prophesy of Ezekiel All the uncircumcised would fall those that didn’t praise God and who Idolized in the old testament.

If you are joining me in Journey In Praise Prophet Arise then this chapter shows you exactly what it means that the Lord will confirm his prophets word. He told Ezekiel to grieve for the Pharoah because he was about to lose everything including his life. The Lord surprises no one. whether we listen or not the warning is always on its way.

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