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1 Samuel Chapter 16


Blessings Everyone!

I pray that the Lord is sending you messengers with instructions today, I pray that the Lord is making you a messenger as well. Bless the Lord that he provides what we need and information when we need it. Just as soon as we are going through something he will start to place resources in line that will be just waiting on you to move forward. It takes a building relationship with the Lord.  I’m not saying you won’t go through things, because we know that satan is walking back and forth looking for something to do. What I am saying is that the Lord is waiting on you to show that you are his and you are good and faithful.

To my followers thanks for joining in you are appreciated. If you happen to scrolling and came across this bible study blog, welcome ! thanks for joining in. If you are led please follow so that you can get notification of new post. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. Some of the ways that I serve new-journey-in-praise-flyeris; I serve as a leader in the Walk It Out group we can be found on Facebook and Periscope. I also serve as the founder of Journey in praise Ministries serving the word of God through Blog, Podcast, and Broadcast. you can got to the Facebook page and get connected to any one of the outlets of journey in Praise. I serve in prayer you can have your name added to the prayer wall by emailing me at fromsinnertosaint@gmail.com. Let’s get in to the word!

1 Samuel chapter 16

Samuel anoints David

verse 1 – 7

The Lord asked Samuel how long he will mourn for Saul, since he was rejected as king of Israel. The Lord tells Samuel to get himself together, fill his horn with oil and be on his way to Jesse of Bethlehem where the Lord had chosen one of Jesse’s sons to be king.

Samuel said to the Lord. How can I do the Saul will find out and kill me. The Lord tells Samuel to take a heifer with him and say he is going to sacrifice, the  Lord tells Samuel to invite Jesse and his son’s to the sacrifice and the Lord will show him what to do. The Lord tells Samuel that he was to anoint the one the Lord has indicated.

Samuel did as the Lord told him. When Samuel arrived in town the elders greeted him with worry they asked him if he came in peace. Samuel told the people that he had come to sacrifice, he consecrated Jesse and his sons and invited them to the sacrifice.

When they arrived Samuel saw Eliab and Samuel thought that the anointed was already there as surely as Eliab was standing. but the Lord told Samuel not to look at his appearance or his height for the He ( the Lord) had rejected Eliab.

In this scripture the Lord says to Samuel how long are you going to mourn Saul. Sometimes when we are working on something and putting our everything into it and it fails we can go into depression not want to do anything else. But the Lord says how long are you going to mourn it. It’s time to get up and do a new thing. was Saul Samuel’s  purpose? no his purpose was to find a king for the people so now he has to fill his horn with oil and get up and find a king.

The same thing applies to us we may be working on something birthing a new thing in our purpose and then it doesn’t work out the way you want it to. The Lord is saying don’t just sit there and soak about what didn’t work, get up and start the next thing until your purpose is fulfilled.

Really quick, I want to touch on Eliab. Samuel saw Eliab and said “the anointed is right there”. I’m sure his mind said the Lord doesn’t need me. The Lord says to him don’t look at his appearance or his height for I have rejected him. We are reminded that we can not look at someones outer appearance or the stories that we heard about them to compare to ourselves we have to go in following instruction and focused on the instruction. looking at someone else will just distract you from what you are suppose to be doing. There is no need to judge on appearance and word we do not know their heart or their walk with God.

verse 8 – 13

Jesse brought seven sons before Samuel, and none of them were the one that the Lord had chosen. Samuel asked Jesse if he had another son and Jesse told him about the youngest that was tending to the sheep. Samuel told him to go get the son they would not sit down until he came. When Jesse’s youngest son walked in the Lord said to Samuel “Rise and anoint him; he is the one” Samuel took the oil from the horn and anointed him in the presence of his brothers and from that day on the spirit of the Lord came upon David. the word says that Samuel then went to Ramah.

Glory to God let me just say this When in a relationship with God it’s important to move when He says. in order for us to be able to move in what the Lord says we need to ask the Lord to purge us of all things that is not of him. Gory God. Had Samuel not been in a relationship with God he would have anointed the wrong brother. when we don’t follow his instruction we end up in the wrong position.

David in Saul’s Service

The spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul and he was tormented with an evil spirit the word says this came from the Lord. Saul’s attendants suggested that he find someone who can play the Harp for him when the Evil spirit comes upon him and this would make him feel better.

Saul sent his attendants to find someone. One of the servants stated that the son of Jesse plays the Harp and then he begins breaking down David’s attributes. The word say that Saul then sent a messenger to Jesse’s house saying “Send me your son David” Jesse loaded a donkey and gifts and sent David on his way.

When Saul saw David he liked him, he made David his armor-bearer and sent Message to Jesse. asking him to allow David to stay, he was pleased with him. The word says that whenever a spirit from God came upon Saul David would play the Harp, Saul would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.

Glory be to God as I was reading this scripture I had to say “Look at God”. We know that Samuel did not want to run in to Saul. we know that when God’s spirit left from Saul it left a spirit Devastation, depression, Hate, Mourn they all laid on Saul he went from nothing to king but what pained him was he didn’t follow God’s instruction and he knew he was rejected as king. 

The Lord anointing David before he went in to Saul’s house was a blessing. The power of God was with him. His instructions was to be in positions and follow instructions. To stand in his purpose. (Which we know is to take over as king, for God is not a man that he should lie.)

As we walk through this day let’s remember that on a foundation of faith you stand firm, no matter what you have to go through to get there ( Samuel hands were probably sore, he was tired, he missed his sheep, and arguing with his brothers.) When God is with us, and we stay obedient, we stand in Power. Yeah it’s hard at times, you may even fail as Saul did. But it’s your choice to get up and move on as God told Samuel or be stuck with a spirit that reminds you of your failures. To be soothed by the anointing of the person that will take your place. To love him because he did the one thing that put your mind at ease. Stuck in a spirit is conviction of all your shoulda, coulda, woulda’s Remember to follow instructions God told Samuel “How long are you going to mourn Saul? fill your horn with oil and lets go to the next one”

Now for the important part, If you are looking for Salvation and you want to begin building you foundation on faith Download the free bible app, google , or turn your bibles to Roman 10:9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Start your bible I encourage you to go to this chapter and read it, see what the Lord shows you. A Foundation of faith is built on Prayer, Worship, Word Study, Fellowship and Praise Applying it to your life is staying in position for instructions.

Be Blessed!

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