A moment with W.Lundy

Blessings everyone,

I pray that you all are grabbing on to those downloads from God, like you were catching  your blessings falling from the sky. As believers we should go forth in great things, which means that we cannot edit and put exceptions on God’s words and Laws. I believe that is why getting to know Jesus again is very important to our Christian walk.

From Sinner to Saint Blog is posted on many Facebook groups and pages. I will not say the name of the particular group or page that this post applies to, but I will say that I questioned if I even wanted to be a part of that page. Here’s what happen and the lesson.

Someone shared a photo on the page that was a picture of our present president hanging from the ledge of a high building. The caption read will you help him, yes or no?

I went into the comments because I was curious of what the people of God had to say. It appeared that a majority said no, some very hateful and others very subtle. Not thinking about anything that Jesus ( the one who gave his life so that we can go to the father clean, the one who paid the ransom for us) had taught.

Some lazy days I really don’t want to spend the time sharing to all those pages. This reminded me of why I am to post the Lord’s Bible study in groups on Facebook. I was shown a statistic that I really didn’t want to know. We cannot walk in hate and say we love God.

 “I hate this person because they are evil, someone needs to kill him, oh but yes, I love the Lord.

If we love the Lord, then we should have faith that anyone that he has allowed to be president, is in that position because it is a part of the Lord’s plan. You don’t like the Lord’s plan, because it compromises your life, or because there is so much pain in it. We can’t pray a solution with a heart full of hate. We need to be praying asking the Lord what does he need us to do about it!

If we read the word, then we know it’s not the first time the people did not like who was appointed leader, yet there was a reason that the not so great leader was appointed. This isn’t about that though maybe another moment.

When we read about Jesus and the many miracles that he performed. We learn that some miracles were commanding evil spirits from men. Jesus didn’t say die because your evil, Jesus commanded the spirit to go. He perferred to save the life of the men (Matt 8: 28-34) our positions aren’t to criticize or argue. Our positions are to bring God’s spirit with us, and allow the holy spirit to do a thing through us and into them.

I don’t agree with what is going on in this world but I do have faith enough to know, whatever it is the Lord is moving in it and through it, and has shifted it like that for a reason. I will not ask my heavenly Father what he is doing, but I will ask my Father what does he need from me.

Our faith allows us not to worry about what is here, but to only concern ourselves about what the Lord needs us to do. Anything else, the Lord will download the instructions on how to cross that bridge. In faith we follow the path that has already been cleared. When we are needed to stand in the gap, will our spirits be ready or will we be clogged with the thoughts that are not of God.

Can we pray effectively when our love is conditional? How do we  pray for others, when we can’t love others like we love ourselves ( Matt 22:39)

I encourage you all to not only read the studies that I post put open your bible right along with me. Allow God to give you a study that he has prepared just for your life. And most important have faith in what he is doing. Do not allow your flesh to pull you from your spirit man, what we can’t control is meant for God alone.

To the followers, I know this a isn’t normal Bible study we are on chapter 7 of Matthew but the Lord went in another direction and I must obey. If led chapter 7 will be posted today if not tomorrow. You can tune in on periscope tonight for today’s Jouney In Praise broadcast  my handle is @WilhelminaLundy and I go live at 7pm I will be discussing Matthew Chapter 6 and this moment in depth.

Be Blessed everyone and know that it is when we allow God to deal with the things that we have no control over, that my friends is called believing in the unseen.

Now for the important part if you want to begin a new journey with the Lord. Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible  to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead and you shall be saved. Begin to build your foundation in faith through Prayer, word study, worship and fellowship. 

Be Blessed 

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