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Matthew chapter 11

Blessings everyone,

I pray that you all are walking in faith, and knowing that God is shifting you in the places your suppose to be.

Even if it doesn’t look like what you expect it to, God sees further than your eyes.

To my followers thanks for joining in I appreciate you guys so much.

If you were scrolling and came across this blog. Thanks for stopping by, let me introduce myself.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy

and I am a servant of God. Some of the ways that I serve is writing this blog and as the founder of Journey and praise ministry. I serve as a intercessor for the From Sinner to Saint prayer wall. If you would like to add your name you can email me at Fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com

Another way that I serve is as an encourager and baord member of Walk It Out Ministries. Okay lets get into the word

Matthew Chapter 11

Verse 1 – 6

The word of the Lord says that after Jesus finished commanding his disciples he went out to teach and preach in their cities.

The word says when John heard about this in the prison, he sent two of his disciples to see Jesus.

When Gods disciples came to Jesus they asked him if he was the one they were to find or should they keep looking.

The word says Jesus answered and said Go and tell John the things that you hear and see.

” the blind receive their sight the lame walk the leper clean and tge deaf hear the dead rise amd the poor preached to. And blessing to those that are not offended by me.”

If we all can walk through life saying blessings to all who are not offended by the God in me.

The Lord works in all the power that he commanded in the disciples in chapter 10. Jesus told us in that chapter that we can do what the teacher does but we can not be greater than the teacher.

So expect to have the power ti heal the sick, raise the dead, hearing to the deaf. What happens when you actually do tap into those commands with your faith.

Verse 7 – 19

In these verses it tells us that after Johns disciples left, the Lord began to speak about John.

Jesus begins to tell the people that people didnt go to the wilderness looking for a will dressed man, they went to the wilderness to see a prophet.

Jesus goes on to tell the people that since John the Baptist the kingdom has been advancing with force. And forceful people are taking hold of it.

Jesus goes to explain to the people that John is the one who fulfilled the prophesy the one that made the way.

The Lord goes on to say for those who are willing to accept John is the Elijah who was supposed to come.


The Lord sayd people now are like children in the market looking for others to pay attention.

When John came and he did not eat or drink they said he had a demon, the son of man came eatting and drinking they said he was a gluttonous man. The Lord says wisdom is justified by her children. ( Those who act wisely prive wisdom is right)

Glory be to God these verses reminds me that no matter what God has placed others before us to make a way and he will keep on until he gets to his design.

People are so busy looking for a reaction from others for every move they makr or I should say we make. But expect that when you are busy looking for God people will find everything wrong.

John fasted and thw said he had a demon, Jesus ate and hung out with non righteous people and he was called gluttonous and a winebibber.

No matter what you do the people are only going to see what they want, let it be about the works that you do.

Verse 20-30

The Lord tells the people that had seen the miracles he preformed and still lived in sin that the towns and people that are no longer exist would still have it better than them because they would have at least mourned.

The Lord goes on to praise the father for giving sight of what he desires to the little children

Jesus reminds us that the father knows the son and the son chooses to make others known to the father

Jesus calls on all who are tired and carrying a heavy load. Leting them know that he will give them rest.

He called to the people to come and be hos servants and to learn from him. They eould find rest in him. In a service that is easy and light.

Amen! We learned in chapter 10 that a disciple shall pack light and not trouble themselves about what to preach on. In these verses the Lord says come to me it will be easy and light.

When we work for God we must remember that there isn’t a burden. The Lord has said he’s carrying that you just go and wait for instructions. If you get none keep doing what you have been doing.

Be Blessed

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