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Isaiah Chapter 2

Blessing everyone,

I pray that you all are walking in the ways and will of the Lord. As I sat down to write this blog I thought about the lesson from the chapter, are you in the position to run to Jesus if he came right at the very minute you read the last word that I typed?

I always tell my children make sure that whatever you’re doing, it would be something that made Jesus smile, if he walked up behind you, and said Greetings friend, this chapter of Isaiah reminds us of just that. will you run to the caves and hide in fear? or would you run to him in joy?

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Isaiah Chapter 2

The Mountain of the Lord

Verse 1 – 5

The word says; this is what Isaiah saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

The prophet says In the last days the mountain of the Lords Temple will be known as the highest of the mountains. It will be exalted and all nations will stream to it. The prophet says in this day many people will go up it to be closer to the God of Jacob, to learn his ways, so that they can walk in his paths.

The law will go out from Zion, the word of the Lord will go out from Jerusalem. He will judge between nations and rebuke many people. They will beat their sword in plowshares and their spears in prunninghooks. Nations will not raise their swords against nations, and there won’t be any war.

“Children of Jacob, Let’s walk to the Lord”

In the scripture Isaiah’s vision showed him of the time when jesus would come back.

Isaiah says that the Lord showed him that the people will go to the highest mountain to learn, walk, and build with God. When Jesus comes back there will be no war and the ones that are hating and fighting will be rebuked. Let’s continue

Verse 6-22

The Prophet Isaiah says the Lord has abandoned your people, children of Jacob. They are concerned with superstitions from the east, they practice divination (The practice of getting knowledge from unknown supernatural means, psychic, tarot reading, Palm reading etc..) and embrace pagan customs (idolater).

Their land is full of silver and gold, there is no end to their treasures. Their land is full of horses, there is no end to their chariots, their land is full of idols; they praise their own work, because their fingers made it. And man will be brought low and everyone else put to shame themselves, do not forgive them.

The prophet says go and hide in caves in rocks you people (children of Jacob) hide in holes in the ground. Hide in terror of the Lord! Hide when he comes in glory and majesty. A man who brags will be brought low, a man who’s proud will be put to shame, only the Lord will be honored at this time.

Isaiah says the Lord has set that day apart for all cedar trees in Lebanon they are tall, for all the oak trees in Bashan. For all the towering mountains, for all the high hills, for every high tower, and every strong wall, for every trading ship, every beautiful boat. A man who brags will be brought low, men who brag will be put to shame.

The Lord alone will be honored at that time and the statues of gods will disappear. People will run and hide in caves and rocks, and go in to holes in the ground. They will run afraid of the Lord.

When he comes in Glory and Majesty!

When he comes he will shake the earth. Men had made staues of gods out of silver and made others out of gold, then they worshipped them. But when the Lord comes they will throw the statues to the rodents and bats, they will hide in caves in the rocks, holes in cliffs, they will run afraid of the Lord.

When he comes in Glory and Majesty!

When he comes he will shake the Earth, stop trusting man, he can not help you, he only lives for a little while, what good is he?

Amen! Isaiah is telling us about the day when Jesus will come. The way he’s describing the world then it sounds like the way it is now in these here days we are living in. The word that Isaiah spoke of then is so true. Yes when Jesus comes back and the Earth shakes, those who are walking in sin and rebellion will be scared out of their minds and I do believe that they will TRY to hide.

Be Blessed


Now for the most Important part, if you are looking to build your foundation in faith, you can Google, download a free bible app, or turn your bible to Romans chapter 10:9 and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Begin to build your foundation of faith with bible study, fellowship, worship and prayer.

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