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Isaiah Chapter 10

Blessings everyone,

I Pray that you, all stand firm and unmovable from the Glory of God.

where have I been??? I have had a month break from writing the blog and just have been walking in my testimony. It’s important to take the time to just watch God move and shift barriers.

I also had the opportunity to be able to sit and listen to the changes that the Lord is doing with the F.S.T.S ( From Sinner To Saint) Blogs.

If you have been following F.S.T.S then you know that I would break down verse to verse. Well the Lord has shifted me to a new way. I pray that you all get discernment the same way as when it was paraphrased.

To the followers thanks for your support, likes and comments. If you were scrolling and happen to come across this blog welcome and thanks for joining in. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Wilhelmina and I am a servant of God. Some of the ways that I serve the new-journey-in-praise-flyerLord is by being the Founder of this blog along with the prayer wall. If you would like to add your prayers to the wall you can email me at another way that I serve the Lord is by being the founder of Journey in Praise and Journey in Praise presents women in praise group  on Facebook. okay, Let’s get in to the word!

Chapter 10

reflections of verse 1-4

Isaiah has the tough job of trying to let the house of Israel know that god is not happy with them. the first verse starts off with “woe to those who make unjust laws.”

We are reminded in this word  by God that if we are more concerned with making life harder for someone else the we better be ready for sorrow (woe).

when disaster comes who will we run to?  All that we have collected and have fatten up on and walked in riches in, now has caused an avalanche and is in danger of being in ruins.

who will we call, when we have fallen under our capture?

I find my self  doing a spiritual check, at times we may not even notice that out of anger or hurt we may wish a persons life to be worst off than ours, we may decree a hardship over there lives, or have the solution to their problem, and won’t budget to help.

these things are human flesh reactions to everyday situations. In these verses we learn that every action has a reaction, every sin has a consequence. The question is who will we expect to help us?

As I was writing, my spirit reminded me of the saying “you can’t sit on the fence” We can not sit on the fence when it comes to God. We can’t be decreeing and declaring the word of God over our lives, and then speaking the acts of Satan over  someone else’s life. What we speak will come back to us.


Verse 5-19

This study is so important in this day. we are so busy  moving in gloat and pride about what we accomplished. We think that we are the reason for all things in our lives that we should be glorified for our achievement.

We give God the Glory, .for all things concerning us. We do this because we couldn’t do a thing without Him. But their are some who will try to get the Glory.

We learn in these verses that God uses Assyria against Israel to take all things and run through their streets and trample anything that’s worth something.

Assyria wasn’t doing these things for God just their selfish reasons and even after the Lord was then ready to punish the Assyrian king for his arrogant heart.

We see two sides, we see a people who want to make, or assist the poor to be worse off then what they are. And then we have the side where the vindictive people fall to arrogant people, none of God.

The two sections that I covered was based on how we treat others and God’s Glory, we walk in these tests everyday.

Obedience in treating our neighbors good and giving God the Glory is how  we live righteously. Knowing that God is the one that we call when we need help and our life is in ruin. The knowledge that what we put out there is what we will get back.

verse 20-34

In a  group of unbelief, there is belief. The remnant, the few left over after God has destroyed. The few that walk by faith and rely on God for their everything.

Remnant is the few remaining out of a group of many. Through Isaiah God says the remnant will not have to worry, this is only for a little while.

It’s like the aftermath of a storm, the clean up crew.

In this chapter….

We find three things to add to our faith journey

  1. We can not look and speak on the down fall of our neighbors, we must help our neighbors and pray for them. when we see them in, a time of hardship, we must speak life into there spirit, and rebuke death.
  2. Give God the Glory, we can not do anything by our own mite, but only by the power of God, for His Glory.
  3. If you walk in 1 and 2 be ready to be the remnant. After the smoke clears, God says he’s going to take care of everything else, don’t worry that part is over!

Blessings if you are reading this blog and want to begin your walk with God and build a relationship with Him, google, download the free bible app, or open your bible to Romans 10:9 

Lord God Thank you for your blood and your company, I believe in my heart that you are Lord and was brought back to life on the third day, Purify my mind and heart and make me knew. Thank you Lord for saving me from death in Jesus name