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Isaiah Chapter 14

Blessings everyone,

I pray that you all are proclaiming the victory, that God has already set forth on your journey.

Sometimes life Will hold us captive by all the things that we are afraid of and hold is stuck and unable to see the victory or even expect the victory. Claim your unseen Victory in the name of Jesus.

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Let’s get into the word of God

Isaiah Chapter 14

Verses 1-23

The Lord told Isaiah that the Lord will have compassion for the Isrealites. They will take on foreigners and be given their own land and will hold their captors captive, they will rule over their oppressors.

The Babylonian King believed that he was bigger than God and so God will break his staff and sweep away their land.

As I read this word I thought about how our spirits can be held captive by people who want us to believe what they say about us.

They are holding our purpose captive. When we are still in God we wait patiently for God to break us free.

When he does he puts us in a position where we are great in his Glory, he loose are tongue for hos Glory.

Those who held our purpose captive then become captive by the works of our purpose

Verse 24- 27

Isaiah attached the prophecy to what had already been fulfilled on the Assyrians. This was most likely done to remind Israel when the God of host says something, than it is so.

Reminding Israel that Babylon will fall and be trampled as Assyria had. Nothing and no one can stop or change that.

Gods word has always stood firm, one thing for sure is when he says something it sure enough is coming.

He may show a sign, He may comeover you while reading a Scripture. He may even whisper it to you.

You’ll get a chill over your body that, some will get a peace in their soul and others willhave a visitation by the Holy Spirit.

However you get that message know that His word is unchanging.

Verse 28- 32

The third section is Judgement on Philistine.

The Lord sends a message through the Oracle (Prophet) that He will rise his people up from under them. And it will be the Philistine that will suffer.

The Lord will bring famine and the remainder (survivors) will be put to death.

Does the words “May God have mercy on your soul”

How about “First will be last, and last will be first.”

Let’s look at it as instructions on leading a righteous lifestyle.

We must be careful how we treat others, especially those less fortunate then ourselves. We must becareful who we give the Glory for our blessings, teachings, or testimonies.

We Can not place ourselves higher than the throne of God (self pride)

Be Blessed

If you have not yet confessed that Jesus is Lord and Savior over your life and spirit man now is the time.

Turn your bible, google, or download the youversion free Bible app and go to Romans 10:9 confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead.

Find a bible based church, Study the word of God, and connect with likeminded people and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

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Isaiah Chapter 13

Blessings everyone,

I pray that you all are standing on the side of the Lord, I pray that as you walk you are walking like a soldier in his army.

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Lets get into the word!

Isaiah chapter 13

Verses 1-6

The Prophet Isaiah begins to tell the people the sad news that there will be a day whe a signal will come from the mountains.

And God will send his consecrated ones and his great warriors to battle to execute His anger. They well come from the end of Heaven to destroy the whole land.

The mighty wrath of God. One thing we learn from the Bible is that it’s not when one person is doing wrong, it’s when a people is doing wrong collectively.

When we learned in Genius that God created Adam to be fruitful and multiply the multiplication would be Accountability partners.

Jesus confirms it when He said one of the important commands is to Love your neighbor as God loves you.

If a people is doing wrong (Sodom) and then He WILL cast judgement upon them.

Uses his oracle Isaiah to warn yhe people. Who says God won’t give his people a chance to correct their actions?

Verse 6-16

Isaiah warns the people that the day will come when they will wail. This is when God WILL exterminate the sinners.

When the stars will not shine and the sun will be dark, the moon will give no light.

God says He will put an end to arrogance, and men will be rare as fine Gold. God says he will make the heavens tremble, and shake the earth from it’s place.

The word arrogance stud out in tgis reading for me. ( it could because I was listening to the song give God the Glory)

We live in the day where we rarely hear the words Thank you Jesus! Glory to God! For his Glory!

Arrogance is strong in this day as believers we are on this earth to shine God’s light, to teach and share testimony about the power of God’s grace and mercy. Introduce prayer life, walk like Jesus did.

Verse 17-22

These verses tell us that God used the Medes because they jad No care for silver or Gold, they couldn’t be bought.

And the went forth to destroy in tue name of God.

Isaiah told the people that the Lord says it would be like Sodom and Gamorrah.

Gods wrath is as strong as his love. We have to decide what end to be on, and what end we would be willing to help are neighbor be on.

This walk is about our faith in God, the confirmation of His word, and teaching what we have learned.

Be Blessed

If you would like to fill your life with confirmations of the word of God, and build a relationship with th living God . Turn your bible, Google, or download the youversion Bible app to Romans 10:9

Lord God,

You are the true and living God, holy is your name. Thank you Lord God for dying for my sins, and rising on the 3rd day so that I may jave life abundantly. Lord Jesus please wash me of my sins and help me on this journey

in Jesus name Amen

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Isaiah Chapter 12

Blessing everyone,

I pray that you are seeking to ne in the comfort of God!

Sometimes we may not listen to our instructions. Other times we seem to turn left when God says turn right.

When we figure out what we did, our instincts tells to run from Gods wrath. I tell you run straight toward him let him fix it

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Let’s get to the Word!

Isaiah Chapter 12


This small chapter has a whole power punch for our walk.

It reminds us that even when we fall or slip God turns his anger from us.

To trust and not be afraid, to rejoice and praise God’s name.

God is our salvation waiting to dust us off and bathe us in his Glory

No matter what we are going through or what we may had done wrong, God is there calling our names looking for us.

Be Blessed

If you would like to start your relationship with God turn your Bible,
the youversion Bible app, or Google Romans 10:9

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being my Salvation, thank you for washing me clean of my inequities, I believe with my heart that you are Lord and defeated death so that I can go to the father clean.

In Jesus name Amen!


Isaiah Chapter 11


Blessings Everyone,

I pray that you all are moving in your purpose and following Gods instructions.

Sometimes it may seem that life is coming in to distract you from all the things that you are moving forward in.

I’m learning that some of those distractions are set up, so that you can be right on time for what’s being prepared for you. You know how it goes. If your too fast your ahead of it, if your too slow you’ll miss it.It’s important that we let God do his thing, no need to have control of things you don’t own the rights to control.

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Let’s get into the word

Chapter 11

Verse 1- 10

Isaiah starts off the chapter with the coming of the messiah, stemming from the bloodline of Jesse, Davids father. Isaiah says the spirit of the Lord will rest on him. He will have wisdom and understanding, He will have the spirit of counseling and strength, knowledge and fear of the Lord.

He will not judge by what he see’s or what he hears. His words will slay the wicked, he will walk in righteousness. Nations will make supplication to him.

After reading the verse my question was, are we willing to let God tell us about a person. We read all the things that God said about Jesus to Isaiah. I began to wonder what is God saying about me to the people that I encounter.

No matter what we are going through if we see through the eyes of Christ, we will be walking with our belt of righteousness, and with the spirit of the Lord resting on us.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I would like to know that the Lord is saying “that is my faithful servant Wilhelmina, she is a righteous walker out to please me”  Because I would like the Heavenly Father tor say those things about me, I make sure that I am parallel to those ways. am I perfect by far but I know who to go toe in my weakness.

There is a Jonathan Mcreynalds song about not coming down from the Glory of God for anyone or anything.

That was how Jesus walked, being pleasing to the Father, showing us how to be pleasing, and how we should live.

Verse 11-16

These last verses takes us into the remnant, the remnant walked in righteousness by faith. During a time of war, hate, and destruction God made a way for them to get where the needed to go.

As believers we walk our journey knowing there is a reason for every season. It’s not the environment, it’s the spirit that we are walking in, If we are walking as Jesus walked. We are the remnant of Jesus! It’s time to walk in with the spirit of God resting on you

Be Blessed

If you are ready to start your journey and don’t know where to start,turn your bible, google or download the youversion free bible app to Romans 10:9 believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead on the 3rd day Welcome Him into your heart and ask him to restore your soul. get in to word study you can begin with reading Isaiah chapter 11, find yourself a bible  based church and fellowship with like minded beievers