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Isaiah Chapter 17


Blessings Everyone,

I pray that today you all are giving God the glory, recognizing Him as your rock and fortress.  We can not do anything without the strength and the spirit of God. we can’t do anything by ourselves

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Isaiah Chapter 17

This is the prophesy against Demascus. The Prophet Isaiah had to deliver the message that Damascus will no longer be a city, it will be a place of ruin and the cities east of the Jordan will only be a refuge for flocks to lie down in and not worry about being hunted or bothered.

The word says The Lord almighty declares that the royal power will disappear from Damascus like the glory disappeared from the Israelite’s. The glory of Jacob ( his prosperity, population) the fatness will become lean.

In this day people will look to God, they will no longer look to the idolatrous things that their hands created. In this day the land will be desolated because Judah had forgotten the God of their salvation.

The word says anything that is planted will not grow.

This prophet Isaiah says this is the fate of those that plunder Israel, and the lot of those who pillage ( violently rob) them.

Could you imagine delivering this message, the Lord was letting them no that there was no free pass. We serve a God who is Jealous, no one should be getting his praise, and Glory. 

The people of Damascus they were building their idolizing alters, robbing, beating and most likely killing God’s people. The Lord said I see it and now I will deal with it, you will have nothing and when you try to get something I’m taking that too.

We must give God the glory we don’t have the power to create without him, we can’t   breath life without him.

Listen if you want God to come in and shift your life in order turn your bible, download the youversion free bible app, or google Romans 10:9 Declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord believe in your heart that God raised from the dead and you shall be saved. Get into a holy spirit led bible study, a bible based church and a like minded fellowship group and build your foundation on faith

Be Blessed

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