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Isaiah Chapter 21

blessings Everyone,

I pray that you all are on your post as watchmen. It’s important that we pay attention to what’s coming and the warnings that God sends us. In the day of Isaiah we had prophets that would open there mouths and speak Gods word. Now  because of Jesus we have the Holy Spirit with us and we all can hear Gods warnings if we are listening.

Isaiah Chapter 21

A Prophecy Against Babylon

The word says this is a prophesy against south of Babylon, an invader comes from the desert,  from the land of terror. The Prophet says that the vision had been shown  to him The traitor betrays, the looter takes loot.

The Lord says He will end all the suffering that was caused. Isaiah says his body felt pain, like a woman in labor and he trembled with fear.

Isaiah says the Lord says to him; Go post a lookout and have him report what he sees. and the look out  will say Babylon has fallen, all images of it’s gods lie shattered on the ground.

This chapter goes on with the prophecy against Edom and the Prophecy against Arabia, all seen by watchmen

The watchmen sees and announces when Babylon falls. when we are at our post day in and day out, we can see the enemy and the intent and the fall. Isaiah speaks of a biblical history, but If we go in deeper we see a day when the people of God were warned about what was going to happen weather it is bad or good.

Our relationship with God  allows us to hear what God wants us to know, allowing the holy spirit to come in and give instructions, these instructions prepare us for what is to come.

These chapters of Isaiah tells us about the prophesy against a lot of countries, and it can get a bit overwhelming but know that it’s there for us to see the power of God through the prophets. In this day we have the holy spirit with in us, Thanks to Jesus. If we build our relationship in prayer and word study then we can stand at our posts and keep watch.

If  you would like to build a relationship with God but don’t know how to start turn your bible, google, or download the free bible app go to Romans 10:9 Declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead then you shall be saved.

Get yourself in a bible based church, build a fellowship with like minded people and start a prayer life and word study.

Be Blessed


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