Isaiah Chapter 23


Blessing Everyone,


I pray that as God is blessing you, you are in return blessing God’s people in abundance. We cannot pray to God for riches and then when He opens the storehouse, we hoard the blessings for ourselves. Our overflow should not be overflowing on to the floor, but it should be overflowing into someone else’s cup as well.

If you happen to be scrolling and have come across this blog, welcome! If you are led please follow so that you can get notifications of new blogs. If you are a follower welcome back!!!! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a disciple of God, some of the ways that I serve new-journey-in-praise-flyerthe kingdom of God is this bible study blog and as the founder of Journey in praise ministry, I am also the lead intercessor for the From sinner to saint prayer wall. You can also find me serving as on the encouragement team for Walk it Out Ministry. Okay Let’s get into the word of God.


Isaiah Chapter 23

A prophecy Against Tyre

The Chapter starts out with the words Wail you ships of Tarshish, for Tyre is destroyed. Tyre being a place where merchants go to sale goods and make their money. Israel depended on the trades that where done in Tyre.

The Lord is saying that the people of the Island of Tyre will be silent, no one will make money there, no one will pay it any mind, it will not be fruitful in riches. Verse 9 the Lord had planned to bring down Tyre’s pride in all her splendor and humble all who are renowned on the Earth. That they no longer have a harbor and the kingdoms trembled. The Assyrians turned it to a place of ruin.

The Lord Says through the prophet Isaiah that Tyre will be forgotten for 70 years, after she will return to lucrative prostitution, but this time instead of selfishly gaining the profits will go to those who live for the Lord, for abundant food and fine clothes.

What I learned from this prophecy is that If we are not careful, we can be hidden until we humble ourselves. Tyre was doing well, but only for themselves.

We can not be blessed and only hoard our blessings for ourselves. This goes for finances and knowledge. What’s the sense of God blessings us with riches of knowledge and finances and we hold them for ourselves, when we speak, we speak about what we did, forgetting to give God the glory! Forgetting to pray, because we are not worried about anything, forgetting to give because we don’t remember what lack felt like.

Be ready to walk for the kingdom of God, be ready to give for the kingdom of God don’t hold your blessings for yourself because you prayed for them but bless someone else because they are praying also.

If you are ready be cleaned and saved Download, turn your bible, or google Romans 10:9 Decree with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, then shall be saved.

Get your self in to a bible-based Church, around like minded people and study and worship yourself into the presence of God.

Be Blessed

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