Jonah Chapter 1

Blessings everyone!

Yes it has been awhile since I sat down and wrote a blog. I missed it so much! I have been doing this blog for so long that it feels weird when I am not studying to write. When it was put in my spirit to write on Jonah I jumped to the task. The lessons learned from Jonah are powerful lessons when it comes to purpose and fear. one of the things that the Holy Spirit ministered to me was ” You can’t run from God.”

To those who Follow this blog thank you for your fellowship! If you are new to this blog, Welcome! If you enjoy the study please follow so that you can get notification of new posts. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am A servant of God, Some of the ways that I serve God is by being the Founder of Journey in Praise, the Author of Service in Glory and Building a Foundation of Faith. I serve as an intercessor and Prophetess of God, You can find me on Facebook for the Verse of the day and Periscope and YouTube for Journey in Praise Reflections. Alright lets get into the word!

The word says that Jonah was sent to go to Assyria and call the people to repent. The word says that Jonah ran and went to get on a boat. Jonah was not trying to be apart of dealings with the Assyrians he had no desire what so ever, he was willing to be disobedient for it.

He found a ship going to Tarsish and he paid to get on it. The word tells us that as Jonah was on the boat the Lord sent out a great wind, troubling the water. The water was so strong that the men on the boat was afraid the boat was going to break.

The word says that Jonah just went to the side of the ship and lay down and went to sleep. The ship master asked Jonah what’s your intentions , sleeper? Get up and call on your God.

The word says that they decided to cast lots to see whose fault it was that they were dealing with the danger and the lot pointed to Jonah 😯 They asked Jonah “Who are you?” Jonah responded; “I am a Hebrew ; and I fear the Lord the God of heaven which has made the sea and dry land”

The word goes on to say the men were exceedingly afraid. Jonah tells the men to cast him into the sea, he tells them that it was his fault that the sea was troubled. The men cried out to God ” we beg you Lord, we beg you let us not die because of this man.”

The word says the men threw Jonah into the sea and the water calmed. The chapter ends by telling us that God had a great fish prepared to swallow Jonah. Jonah was in the belly for three days and three nights.

Here it is, we serve the God, who is the creator of all things. In verse 9 Jonah says I am a Hebrew and I fear the Lord of Heaven which hath made the sea and dry land. It’s important to know who and whose we are. As the children of the creator of this Earth, if you don’t know who you are, you can easily fall for the tricks of the enemy and his schemes.

In verse 12 Jonah said to the men take me and through me into the sea, and the sea will calm for you. Jonah told the men he knew he was the reason the water raged. When you fear the Lord you don’t fear the what if’s, Jonah was welling to take what he had to take for his disobedience. He was willing to deal with what the Lord had for him.

Once the men decided that Jonah had to go and threw him off the boat the water calmed and Jonah sat in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights. Sometimes God will sit us down just so that we see what we need to see, just so that we can hear what we need to hear.


Listen! If you are running and desire to be in the presence of God turn your bible to Romans 10:9 Believe with heart and say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and died for our sins and on the 3rd day God raised him from the dead and he got up in Power for our sins. You shall be saved.

Start studying the word of the Lord, find yourself a bible based church and begin fellowship with like minded people. but most important enjoy your Journey in Praise.

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