Let’s chew and swallow

Blessings everyone,

I was led to just come in and chew and swallow with you all. but first lets get to the housekeeping.

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Okay let’s jump in!

So I was preparing Luke Chapter 9 and the spirit started to share with me the lessons pf Chapter 8. The spirit started to remind me that we can’t just study, it’s important to fellowship as well.

I was thinking about my future and the things that I have been manifesting in my life and I thought back to where Jesus told the parable about the four soils.

Now you all know it’s important to be well planted and grounded into the word. It’s way more important that, the information is applied to your life. As a life coach I help my clients strengthen there faith walk toward there goals. I always, always use scripture to create the foundation for my clients thought process. Even our goals have to be firm in Gods word.

When we apply the word of God into our goals, we plant our seeds into good ground. That means we are using miracle grow. Yes you have to think of the word of God as a miracle grow. We can here it and let it go but that would be like watering your plant one day and walking away.

When we are manifesting a successful goal we have to see it, as already successful. You have to walk in it like you know that it will grow, with the expectation that your harvest is coming. Why because you trust that you planted your seed in good ground. You believe that when you created your goals dipped into the word of God, you dipped it in Holy ground.

The spirit of the Lord started to remind me of John the baptist and how he sent his disciples to see if Jesus was the one that was to follow him. The word tells us that Jesus had John’s disciples too follow him and see the miracles, signs and wonders to report back to John.

Well we are the ones that follow Jesus, what is being reported about the works of your hands? Are you applying the word and moving in your gift of power? Are you moving in your purpose with power? These are important question that you should ask yourself everyday, what is the report about you?

When we apply the word of God to our life it shows growth and development, creating something to give God the glory about.

well then it dropped in my spirit about the man who Jesus rebuked the demons from, and sent them into the herd of pigs. After the man was in his right mind and clothed he asked to follow Jesus. Jesus told him to go home and tell his family and friends how good God is.

This spoke to my spirit, what we do and how we apply God’s word to our lives in return becomes manna to the people around us. So plant in good ground, be fruitful and feed someone your harvest. in return Jesus will follow with a visitation and begin to spend sometime with them.

I pray that this word has been a blessing for you, and that who ever it is for, please take it and Manifest with power!!!

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Be Blessed



Testimonies and Miracles

Blessing everyone

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Luke Chapter 8

Women accompany Jesus and the disciples

This is good especially in this day when people still speak about a woman’s place in the church. There were women that were following Jesus learning and eating the word. Mary Magdalene had seven demons that Jesus rebuked from her, she knew she wanted to learn more, she knew that this was a gift that she wanted to learn. We are followers and as we learn we excel and that’s what happened with the women that followed Jesus. There was a married woman Joanna who was the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, that made me think. Jesus traveled all over to speak the word of God. This had to be an assignment for Joanna to leave her husband and her household to travel with Jesus and his disciples. The word says that also a woman by the name of Susanna and many others also traveled.

Jesus tells the parable of the four soils

This is one of my favorite parables, we can learn what we need to do and how we need to behave as believers. Jesus tells us that the word of God can sow by being rooted or fall from us quickly. It all depends on how we apply it with the way we live our lives. If we apply the word of the Lord to our lives then it will become deeply rooted in us and bare fruit. “They shall know them by their fruit”. You don’t want to just hear the word of God and go on about your life. Your going to want to build into greatness, in order to do that your focus should be connecting and retaining the word to take you to the next level.

Jesus describes his true family

It took me a moment because I was like that’s rude. The word says that Jesus mother and brother s were trying to gt in but they couldn’t , the disciple said “Jesus your mother and brothers are out there and they can’t get in.” Jesus answered “My mother and my brothers are those that hear the word and do it.” I was like Jesus (Clutching my pearls) and then I remembered the parable of the four soils and then I realized that when we apply the word and sow the seed we become one tree and the harvest is for the kingdom. no one is above the other, we are all one, no special treatment.

Jesus Calms the Storm

This part tells us that Jesus and the disciples had decided to go over to the other side of the lake. While they were traveling Jesus fell asleep and a storm with heavy wind came on the lake. The disciples had gotten scared and woke Jesus up in fear that they would die. Jesus got up and told the storm to calm, and it did. The word says the disciples started to wonder what kind of man was this that he commands the wind and water. They were amazed, I would have been amazed myself to see the water call after Jesus told it to.

Jesus sends demons into a herd of pigs

In this part Jesus frees a man from several demons inside him that had him living in tombs and walking around naked. He had to live this life for a long time and when Jesus came by he called him by name and fell down in front of Jesus and asked him for help. The word goes on to tell us that Jesus sent the demons into a herd of pigs and the pigs the people that saw this was surprised and went out to witness what they saw. when they returned they found the man with Jesus clothed and in his right mind. The man that was healed wanted to follow Jesus but Jesus told him to go home and show the great things God had done for him.

My spirit is leading me to say, some of us are led to minister and some of us our led to show Gods miracles signs in wonders. I want to say that sometimes it is just a healing in your healing and your testimony that God shows someone his awesomeness.

Jesus Heals a bleeding woman

I know you hear this one a lot, the story of the woman with the issue of blood. The scripture tells us the woman spent all her money with doctors and not a one could tell here what was wrong with her. Now Jesus was coming through her town going to visit a twelve year old girl who was dying. there was a crowd of people going to see him. The place was packed, she squeezed through people. I could imagine it was squeezing on the four train ion MTA during rush hour. she had to be on her knees because the word says she touched the border of his garment . Jesus said who touched me?

Peter asked Him ” Lord how do you know someone touche you all these people are here?” and Jesus responded ” Virtue is gone out of me.” well, well, well this had me sit for a second. Virtue if we are tapped into the spirit realm we can know when a piece leaves us. as Jesus felt the sensation of a piece of his spirit leaving. You know i added this to my spiritual list of knowledge. When no one admitted to it , she finally did saying that she was healed immediately and Jesus said to her. “Be of good comfort, your faith has made you whole.”

Now servants from the house of the twelve year girl came to Jesus and said don’t trouble the master the daughter is dead. Jesus says only believe and she will be made whole . when Jesus gets to the house he tells everyone to leave the house and then tells the girl to arise. Her spirit came again and she got up he told them to feed her meat. Her parents was astonished, Jesus told them not to tell anyone what was done.

Parables are very important to our Christian walk. They are the lessons that we learn in our walk, how we should handle situations. we also see the miracles of God and a base sauce for faith. with out faith God can’t perform many miracles in our lives Matthew 13:58 when we read about miracles that were performed we are reminded that God is omnipotent.

If you want to invited God in to your life or need Jesus to stand in the gap for you. Turn your Bible to Roman 10:9 say this prayer;

Our Father in Heaven, Lord Thank you for the restoration of our relationship. Father I believe that Jesus is Lord and he died for my sins and paid the ransom for my very soul. I believe in my heart that on the third day he rose in power and defeated death for me. Lord Thank you for your sacrifice and your gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the cleansing so that I can go to the father whiter than snow in Jesus name, Amen


Faith, Order, Sinners and Forgives for the Love of God

Blessings Everyone,

Here we are at Luke chapter 7. First let me say; I Pray that you grab your bible while your reading. In no way should you take my word for it. This is a bible study and you should have your Bible ready to verify and see what the Lord is saying to you about the word.

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Lets get into the word

Chapter 7

This chapter is beginning with the Roman solders demonstrating faith. We learn that Jesus went into Capernaum and there was a Roman commander whose servant had fallen deathly ill. The Roman Commander sent his elder Jewish servants to send for Jesus. When the servant s get to Jesus they tell him about how good the commander is to them and how he built a synagogue for them. Jesus goes with them to see about the ill servant. The word tells us that when Jesus gets close the commander sends a messenger for Jesus. He says that he isn’t worthy to have Jesus in his house, He goes on to say just send the word and my servant will be healed. The message says that when the commander commands for his servants to do something it will get down so all Jesus needed to do is speak and it will be done.

The word says that Jesus marveled at the faith of the commander and went about his business, when the other servants got back the servant was healed.

Now that was a word, Faith is the most important part of our walk. we have to be able to believe that Jesus rose on the third day and we will need to have the faith to believe that he is coming back for the church with no blemish. If you don’t have faith you can not believe in the miracles, signs and wonders.

Now we get to Jesus raising the widows son from the dead.

The word tells us that he went to the town of Nain, his disciples were with him and many followers. The word says that a man that was dead was carried to him at the gate. Jesus had compassion for his mother because she was a widow. Jesus told the son to Arise and he got up and they took him to his mother. That day the people had fear of the Lord on them, they gave God the glory for Jesus coming. The KJV says that ” That God hath visited his people” KJV

This word right here, can I prophesy to you for a moment. For those who have made it to this blog. God is saying.” For you who are dead in your spirit arise, I am moving you to stand in your intended position. you will be first to birth new things and you will be successful in it because I am with you. when people come around you they will tremble because they will feel my spirit on you. When you open your mouth they will know that I am with you.” In the mighty name of of Jesus receive this word, let God’s Holy presence join you in your purpose, for his glory.

Jesus eases John’s doubt

John the baptist sent his disciples to go and see about Jesus, and say aren’t you the one that is to come or we should look for each other. when John’s disciples caught up with Jesus and delivered the message, Jesus let them hang with Him. He healed some folks and then told the disciples to go let John know what they saw.

Once John ‘s disciples left Jesus started telling the people about John. He explained that there is no other prophet greater than John, it is written that he would come before God and prepare the way. It also tells us that the pharisees and lawyers rejected the thought of God being baptized by John. The pharisees themselves were not baptized.

I was a bit loud with this part, like pharisees was big mad because they wasn’t baptized. This is a prime example that we get in our own way. What was so hard about saying “my bad let me go get baptized.” I understand everyone had their part to play, but there are so many lessons that can be taken from this.

Actually we have one right now. Kanye West, there’s big talk about him going to churches and performing. Now some of the believers of Christ has a lot to say about him and who he was. are we really paying attention to our word. are we really following Jesus.

A sinful woman annionts Jesus’ feet

here we learn that Jesus was invited to share a meal with one of the pharisees. A woman who was a sinner learned that he was eating at the pharisees house and went there. The word says that she wept and cleaned his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair, she also kissed his feet and anointed them with oil from an alabaster box. The Pharisees said if this man was a prophet he would know she is a sinner.

Jesus than told a parable about a creditor who forgave the debt of two men one that owed five hundred and another that owed fifty. He than asked which loved the creditor more. The lesson Jesus taught was that it would be the one that sinned the most that loved God the most for forgiving the most. Jesus then told the woman that her sins were forgiven, and then came the question, who is he that he forgives sins?

As I’m writing this I am in the process of trying to be as forgiving as Jesus. If God can forgive many offenses, then we should be forgiving to those that cross us. Not everyone is going to understand as the pharisees didn’t but God’s people will be able to.


Guess who’s back

Many Blessings,

It’s been some time, my goodness. Last week the Lord began to remind me of my beginning assignment. In the beginning the Lord gave me the Bible Study blog because I needed someone to talk to about all the new word I was learning. Back than I was afraid to live broadcast and didn’t know how to do a podcast. Now I’m always going live and guess what? The Bible study stopped being consistent.

It’s something when the spirit of God pulls your coat tail. you’ll be sitting there like huh, my bad. but God doesn’t want to hear my bad he wants you to get back to work.

I learned along time ago that God doesn’t want excuses and when He takes the time to warn you about something then, you so better pick it up. So here I am, back at the blog.

I come back as a Author, a personal development Coach and Prophetess, I can say that my time away I did grow, lets remember that God doesn’t intend for us to stay stagnate. So we should grow, but it’s important that we remember our first assignments and we are not released until God releases us. That was my big no-no, I stopped before God said to stop. No matter how busy you feel you should stay in the presence of God and at times that means in your assignment.

What’s going on with the page, we are still J.I.P ( Journey in Praise) we will continue on the book of Luke chapter 7. If you would like to catch up before tomorrow you are more than welcome to, the layout will still be in sermon.

I will try my best to stay with the daily schedule. the recap lessons will be Fridays attached with YouTube video on the J.I.P YouTube page, and the podcast Monday, Thursday, and Friday I will link everything to the post when they are released.

Well everyone pray for me and my obedience and consistency. It’s very important that I continue the work as God intended, for as long as God intends. Do me a favor and share, share, share and let everyone know that I am BACKKKKK!!!!!!

Be Blessed