Faith, Order, Sinners and Forgives for the Love of God

Blessings Everyone,

Here we are at Luke chapter 7. First let me say; I Pray that you grab your bible while your reading. In no way should you take my word for it. This is a bible study and you should have your Bible ready to verify and see what the Lord is saying to you about the word.

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Lets get into the word

Chapter 7

This chapter is beginning with the Roman solders demonstrating faith. We learn that Jesus went into Capernaum and there was a Roman commander whose servant had fallen deathly ill. The Roman Commander sent his elder Jewish servants to send for Jesus. When the servant s get to Jesus they tell him about how good the commander is to them and how he built a synagogue for them. Jesus goes with them to see about the ill servant. The word tells us that when Jesus gets close the commander sends a messenger for Jesus. He says that he isn’t worthy to have Jesus in his house, He goes on to say just send the word and my servant will be healed. The message says that when the commander commands for his servants to do something it will get down so all Jesus needed to do is speak and it will be done.

The word says that Jesus marveled at the faith of the commander and went about his business, when the other servants got back the servant was healed.

Now that was a word, Faith is the most important part of our walk. we have to be able to believe that Jesus rose on the third day and we will need to have the faith to believe that he is coming back for the church with no blemish. If you don’t have faith you can not believe in the miracles, signs and wonders.

Now we get to Jesus raising the widows son from the dead.

The word tells us that he went to the town of Nain, his disciples were with him and many followers. The word says that a man that was dead was carried to him at the gate. Jesus had compassion for his mother because she was a widow. Jesus told the son to Arise and he got up and they took him to his mother. That day the people had fear of the Lord on them, they gave God the glory for Jesus coming. The KJV says that ” That God hath visited his people” KJV

This word right here, can I prophesy to you for a moment. For those who have made it to this blog. God is saying.” For you who are dead in your spirit arise, I am moving you to stand in your intended position. you will be first to birth new things and you will be successful in it because I am with you. when people come around you they will tremble because they will feel my spirit on you. When you open your mouth they will know that I am with you.” In the mighty name of of Jesus receive this word, let God’s Holy presence join you in your purpose, for his glory.

Jesus eases John’s doubt

John the baptist sent his disciples to go and see about Jesus, and say aren’t you the one that is to come or we should look for each other. when John’s disciples caught up with Jesus and delivered the message, Jesus let them hang with Him. He healed some folks and then told the disciples to go let John know what they saw.

Once John ‘s disciples left Jesus started telling the people about John. He explained that there is no other prophet greater than John, it is written that he would come before God and prepare the way. It also tells us that the pharisees and lawyers rejected the thought of God being baptized by John. The pharisees themselves were not baptized.

I was a bit loud with this part, like pharisees was big mad because they wasn’t baptized. This is a prime example that we get in our own way. What was so hard about saying “my bad let me go get baptized.” I understand everyone had their part to play, but there are so many lessons that can be taken from this.

Actually we have one right now. Kanye West, there’s big talk about him going to churches and performing. Now some of the believers of Christ has a lot to say about him and who he was. are we really paying attention to our word. are we really following Jesus.

A sinful woman annionts Jesus’ feet

here we learn that Jesus was invited to share a meal with one of the pharisees. A woman who was a sinner learned that he was eating at the pharisees house and went there. The word says that she wept and cleaned his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair, she also kissed his feet and anointed them with oil from an alabaster box. The Pharisees said if this man was a prophet he would know she is a sinner.

Jesus than told a parable about a creditor who forgave the debt of two men one that owed five hundred and another that owed fifty. He than asked which loved the creditor more. The lesson Jesus taught was that it would be the one that sinned the most that loved God the most for forgiving the most. Jesus then told the woman that her sins were forgiven, and then came the question, who is he that he forgives sins?

As I’m writing this I am in the process of trying to be as forgiving as Jesus. If God can forgive many offenses, then we should be forgiving to those that cross us. Not everyone is going to understand as the pharisees didn’t but God’s people will be able to.

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