It’s so much More

Blessings Everyone,

I pray that you all are doing well and moving in a upward direction. Can I tell you that God is so amazing! I’m sure that you know this if you’ve joined me on this blog. I spent some time just recapping on all the things that have happened in my life and is happening in my life.

Not to long ago I had the wonderful experience of going to a retreat. This retreat was so amazing a word came from the woman of God that spoke, a word that I was very familiar with. ever time I came in contact with someone this word came forth. I still hadn’t walked in the prophecy and I understood that I would on the certain day that God ordained.

Then I turned forty two weeks ago, yes I am the big 40 now. I had been excited about this change of events, I was out of the wilderness now I’m a big girl. Then something changed, my goals became a lot more God pleasing and a lot less me pleasing

Yes I speak Gods word, but was it for Him or for me? I then began to desire to build virtue this came no doubt after the chew and swallow blog on Luke Chapter 8, go back to the woman with the issue of blood.

My goals began to shift, I want to share virtue not sell knowledge, I want heal the sick, lost, and tormented as well as teach about the kingdom of God. which means I had to shift my angle. This comes to the part where I remind you that usually we are parallel with what we are studying in the Bible. let’s continue.

I start reading Luke Chapter 9.

Get out you Bibles lets study!! Verses 1-6 is about Jesus sending the disciples out to heal the sick, cure diseases, and to preach the kingdom of God. Jesus told them not to take anything, and shake of those that do not receive them.

If you are reading this blog it’s because you are led here and may have been dealing with a tug of your spirit, you know a shift is going on but you can’t put your finger on it. Let me say that as disciples of Christ this is a point that we come to. The attention is nice but if it’s not for the right reasons it will destroy you. You will suffer from inconsistency and a thirst for more, let us remember the scripture tells us that we would not thirst once we are in the presence of God, which means that at some point the flesh started running the show.

When the flesh starts running the show, anything that you come against you will take to heart. Remember Jesus told the disciples that if someone did not receive them to shake it off. When we are flesh led we will find ourselves, feeling attacked, we will look to be a soother so that others wont feel threaten. We are controlled by fear of being left to hang or get or heads chopped off by an unhappy person.

That leads me to Versus 7-9 which reminds us of the death of John the baptist. Because John was on this Earth on assignment he had no desire to be a soothsayer. Herod’s sin was called out by John. Herod’s wife was not happy that John was revealing their truths and she told Herod to behead John and so he did.

When we are on assignment there will be some that will have no doubt want to shut you up, and it is your job to trust God and shake it off. Your loyalty to God as a disciple should override the loyalty that you feel for man.

This word is for the person on assignment to admonish. The Job that we are given isn’t necessarily easy nor is it always worldly rewarding, but in the obedience God takes you to another level, lessens will be learned and you will have the opportunity to spiritually feed people.

Which takes us to the next part of chapter 9 Jesus feeds five thousand, if you catch my videos you know that I always say help me feed five thousand. I love the story of Jesus feeding five thousand it reminds us that when we are obedient and unselfish we see an abundance of overflow. This overflow is not for ourselves but for us to share with others and show others exactly how awesome God is.

In this Chapter we learn so much about the wonderful things that Jesus did as he was walking and teaching us how to walk. Take your time and read this chapter, see what God wants to tell you and teach you. meditate on it .

I will continue with the next half of Chapter 9 tomorrow, no need to rush the word of God.

It’s been a while since I did this but it’s only right

If you want to build a relationship with God and eat well from the table of God turn your Bible to Romans 10:9

Say this Prayer with me,

Lord God you are amazing to me, I want to get to know you, I want to be the one that you call friend. I believe in my heart that Jesus died on the cross on Calvary and on the third day rose with power. Ibelieve that Jesus is Lord and paid a ransom for my life so that I can freely go to the father whiter than snow. Thank you Jesus for removing the old rags from me and placing me with a new wardrobe, Than you Jesus I am renewed

In Jesus name Amen

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