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1Thessalonians 5:16

Hello Everyone,

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If you do not know who I ,my name is Wilhelmina Lundy that’s pronounced Wil – a-mena  Lun – dee and I am a woman of God, on a journey  to live in my purpose Gods provision for me. Today I’m in 1 Thessalonians  5:16


I came across this scripture because is was the first scripture I learned in church. Everyday there is a fight against the flesh, fighting from being negative , fighting from being hateful, fighting depression, fighting from spreading depression, self hate, allowing the enemy to tear us down and those around us.


how do we win these battles? through the love of Jesus Christ, Through the teaching of Jesus Christ, through praying without ceasing, what is praying without ceasing? In conversation with the Lord,  all day. In thanks giving all day, If we are in prayer, If we are in thanksgiving, we do have time to break from every problem and lean on God to get  us through all that the enemy, brings our way. I hope that everyone gets a blessing from this scripture God bless you

If there is anyone out there looking for the Lord, he has been waiting for you, Confess with your mouth and your heart that Jesus died for your sins, that Jesus is the Son Of The Living God. Turn your bible to Romans 10:9 -13, get yourself in a bible based church and start your fellowship with the one who loves you.

Really quick I received a prayer for those who want to except Jesus Christ in to there lives. that is the first step the prayer comes from the Billy Grahm Evangelistic Association. It says pray a prayer like this.
Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that I am a sinner,
and I ask for your forgiveness,
I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead.
I turn from my sins and invite you to come into my heart and life.
I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and savior. in your name, Amen.


until next time be blessed