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Job Chapter 17: Jobs reply continues

Hey Everyone,

Praying that you all are doing well this Tuesday glory to God, I am praying that God shows up in this week for you, praise God. Are you all enjoying the lessons in Job? I know I am, I have learned more about being a good person a godly person then I had assumed wonderful lessons of walking upright and blameless Glory to God.

To my followers I thank you for your support, to God be the Glory that I can come on here and speak or type (lol) his anointed word. If this is your first time here thank you for Joining, you are appreciated if you enjoyed the study please click the follow button so that you can receive notification when a new blog is posted.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a woman of God and servant of the most high sovereign God, there is nothing that I would rather do than pass on the word of the Lord. Glory to God let’s get in to the word.


Job chapter 17

Job says I am broken and my death is near,  my nay Sayers are around me I can only see their anger. No one will see the truth who else will vouch for me. They only see one way you have closed their eyes, they don’t understand.therefore they will not be successful. If a man publicly proclaim his friend as wrong for a reward to look good then their children will suffer.

Job is in the position where he feels the people around him is snaring and looking down on him, he saying if you try to publicly make someone look bad then you are sinning you are bring the curse on your children. what goes around comes around. there are people who go around whispering and  discussing things they know nothing about to make themselves look good.

The next time that you are dealing with a situation or put in the position to where you can boast on what you do and what your neighbor doesn’t do I want you to think about Job and think about what he was going through that people didn’t know about. That he even didn’t know Glory to God.

Job says God has made me an example to everyone, a man whose face people spit in. I look down in grief I can’t see any thing clear, I am a dark spot of what I use to be.upright people are horrified by me. the innocent rise up against the ungodly. the righteous will hold their ways,and those with clean hands will grow stronger.

Job speaks that now people look at him and see what happens to the ungodly they are using him as an example. my eyes are swollen with  grief and my frame not what it use to be. Some Christian let me rephrase all Christians go throw war fare tests now when we go through these test we go through it, now a person who doesn’t know what is happening in the spirit realm will quickly say Karma is coming back for such in such. not necessarily a person can be faithful to God and he will take them through something to provide a lesson.

Job says but come on, all of you try again! I won’t be able to find a wise man among you. my days are gone my plans are destroyed I have no desires of my heart anymore. These men are trying to say that light is near.

again Job gives his speech of his death being near and his willingness to die, his grave being the only home he hopes for.

In this chapter I want to speak on death, human nature tells us we are all walking with a fear of dying. As Christian though we feel it is dark to embrace death but we should not fear it. Best way to explain a lost is that the person who passed away had a more important job to do for the Lord. we are not guaranteed tomorrow and it is by mercy and grace that we live another day to praise God, and pass on his love. Jobs friends may have thought he was crazy to speak of dying but He felt at least the pain would be over, he did not speak about suicide he spoke about naturally dying I want to clarify that, he was mentally preparing himself for something he felt was close, he couldn’t eat he couldn’t sleep and his body was deteriorating organically. We as Christians should know when it comes to losing a love one we may physically not see them but in the spirit they are with the holy spirit busy getting our prayers up the portal. Talking with the Lord on our behalf. That witness in heaven Job spoke about. our intercessor.

Praise God, now for the important part, if you are looking for salvation I encourage you to goggle, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus was born man and died on the cross that God raised him from the died, you will be saved. Get yourself in to a good bible based church and enjoy a wonderful relationship with our Awesome sovereign God Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!!!!!


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what a day

Hello Everyone,

Let me start off by introducing myself, My name is Wilhelmina Lundy pronounce ( Wil a mena) , and I am a Woman Of God. I am here sharing scripture that may come to me through out my day. my main Goal to be pleasing to the Lord. yes as I’m sharpening my sword. to those that follow WELCOME BACK!!!! thanks for stopping in you are appreciated. To those that happen to stumble on my blog thanks for stumbling Welcome If you haven’t already please like and follow. also leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

I haven’t yet done todays scripture, but it will be done tonight. Yesterday I did tell you guys that I was going to blog the 40 days of Biblical Declarations and I did. boy oh boy!  it was giving me problems, but the lord prevailed and then we came up with a wonderful title. “Journey in praise” isn’t that a great name I should make it book right, in Gods time. so I’m still trying to figure all of this out but I didn’t want to waste anytime while doing so. It’s all about pushing pass the excuses. so here is the link  https://journeysinpraise.wordpress.com/ if you haven’t already scrolled and saw it.

I just wanted to drop in and let you guys know what’s going on. God Bless you all and I’ll see you in the comments and the scrolling. until next time be blessed


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40 Days of Biblical Declarations (Journey)

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this Blog was reached in the mist of happy scrolling!!! If you’re a follower WELCOME BACK God Bless you, thanks for reading. If this is your first time on my page, WELCOME as well thanks for reading. I am Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a Woman of God,I am here to share my wonderful Journey with you. If you like what your reading feel free to like, share and comment, I would love to hear from you guys.


I just wanted to stop in and let everybody know what’s coming up. Tomorrow morning I will be starting the 40 days of biblical declaration by Pastor Kimberly Jones(www.kimberlyj.net), so we are decreeing and declaring starting tomorrow. I am EXCITED!! I have been doing the declarations on periscope with PK ,while at work, that had to stop, I needed to focus on my task. I ended up Purchasing the book, so now I can start the declarations at my own time.

While reading the Intro, PK has a how to do the declarations and the one that caught my eye said it was good to record your self saying the declarations so that you can hear it through the day. I could have used that info today, I am trying to focus on God in places like the work place and avoiding diluting my oil(anointing). by work place quarrels. No whispering, no complaining, and If I need to talk let it be great. So I’m extra excited about that. This is out of the box for me I am a talkative person, I talk too much. So in this year I must learn to be quiet and listen. Today my spirit kept reminding me I didn’t have to talk, I didn’t have to think of something to say. I’m sure my co workers thought I was mad Because I’m the friendly one. but I am obedient and have no desire to fall into a negative hole. So if I didn’t have anything great to say I didn’t really speak I stayed in prayer. which leads me to PKs advice, tomorrow I will have the declarations in my ear. So I’ll let you know how that’s going.

I am trying to make sure that I find good spiritual books in this journey and share with you guys because that’s what from sinner to saint is all about, growing stronger in God, and on that Journey sharing it with people, shining Gods light!!!!!

Until next time Be Blessed!