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II Kings 22 The book of the Law found

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Now to the scripture. I was scratching my head wondering what would I do today and I said Lord it’s your lead. I grab the bible and came to II Kings chapter 22. The 22nd chapter in II Kings is about Josiah who was the son of David, Josiah had been King since he was 8 years old. now 18 years after Josiah had become king he sent his Secretary to go to the temple of the Lord with the high priest and collect the money that they collect at the door and pay the men who are doing the repairs on the temple and tell them don’t worry about the ware about of the money because they are acting faithfully.


In the temple the high priest found the book of the Law. the secretary goes back to Josiah and says the money has been taking out of the temple and given to the workers. and  the high priest found this book in the temple. and the secretary started reading from the book. so when Josiah heard what was in the book he tore robe.  and He calls his High  Priest, his secretary , his secretaries son, his attendant, and the son of Micaiah and he tells them to go to the Lord and find out what this book is about? He knew  that the Lord showed be angry because their fathers had not obeyed the words of this book.

The Men that he sent, went to a Prophetess by the name of Huldah and she told them that the Lord said He is going to bring disaster to the Land and the people because they forsaken me and burned incense to other gods  and provoked him to anger. but Josiah because you humbled yourself  will  be buried in peace you and your fathers.

II Kings is before Jesus, in the old testament if you didn’t know. God is a forgiving  God because just as soon as Josiah found out about the Laws in the book he tore his robe and  wanted to know about the book he realized that he was being taught wrong. and wanted the fathers forgiveness and wanted to live be the Laws of the covenant. He wanted his people to be right with God.

Again we see how forgiving God is when it comes to us. We go through selfishness and everything else. We know what’s right and wrong by him and even now in this era I like to say the Lord see’s and understands our battles, it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before, so who else is there to go to for the answers to all things. but the God of all things. and he will forgive you when you humble yourself.

God bless you all.

Tomorrow we will go over the Josiah Renews the Covenant. chapter 23