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Ezekiel Chapter 39


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Happy New Year! I pray that you all came into the New Year with excitement of what’s to come. Leaving fear and anxiety in 2016. We are blessed to serve a wonderful God who gives us a fresh start everyday. To my followers thanks for joining in. If you are new to this page don’t forget to click the link, and you will receive notification of new post. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. This is one of the ways that I new-journey-in-praise-flyerserve the Lord some of the others are. The Journey In praise ministry which is three parts the blog serves as a word of the day, The Podcast serves as a word of encouragement, and broadcast serves as sharing of building a foundation of faith like bricks through the study of christian books. Also there is the Prayer wall if you would like to be added you can email me at fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com okay let’s get in to the word.

Ezekiel Chapter 39


In this chapter The Lord tells Ezekiel to prophesy against Gog and say that the Lord will Turn him around and send him against the mountain of Israel. That is where the Lord will strike his bow from his left hand and his arrows will fall from his right hands. On the mountain of Israel is where he and his army will become food to the birds and wild animals.

The Lord says at this time he will no longer make his holy name be profaned. The nations will know that His name is the Holy One in Israel.

The Lord says that their weapons will be used as fuel for the people of Israel, for seven years they will not have to cut down trees because they will use the weapons of Gog and his army. The Lord says they will loot and rob all who loot and robbed them.

The Lord says that He will give Gog a burial-place in Israel, It will block the way of the travelers, because Gog and his Army will be buried there. It will be called the Valley of Hamon Gog. For seven months the house of Israel will bury them in order to cleanse the land. Men will be regularly employed to cleanse the land.

They will go through the land and one man will mark the sites for the gravediggers to bury the bones.

The Lord says to Ezekiel to call all the birds and wild animals and there will be a great sacrifice. you will drink the blood and eat the flesh of great men.

The Lord says from that day the house of Israel will know that He is Lord. all the nations will know that the people of Israel went in to exile for their sin and I hid my face from them and dealt with them according to their sin.

The Lord says I will now bring them  back from captivity and will have compassion on all the people of Israel. They will forget their shame and all unfaithfulness.

After reading this chapter I have been reminded, that God wants us to forget our shame, after we have been cleansed and saved. Sometimes we hold on to the use to; as we are trying to walk in faith. we can’t build a faith like bricks if our bricks are cracked.  cracked bricks will collapse. God wants us to let go of what we once did, he has dealt with us accordingly. Jesus has already died for those sins, he laid it on the cross for us. Saints I tell you what ever wrong you have done that kept you from God, is in the pass it’s on your dirty garment which has been taken off of you. Allow yourself to understand that the Lord has already erased that he turned his back from your sin and he now looks at you with compassion. So if the Lord has turned his back from your sin then you need to as well. It’s the only way for you to build your faith in God that will not allow life’s storms to come and knock you down.

Now for the Important part if you are looking for Salvation if you will like to start a new and be in the presence of God turn your bible, google, or download the free bible app and turn to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth that Jesus christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. start a prayer life and get in to the word and allow the Lord to turn it around for you.

Be Blessed.


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Ezekiel Chapter 34


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Thanks for joining in, The holidays are coming and everyone is getting busy. Let’s remember what the Holiday is all about. the birth of our savior without him we would all be sacrificing animals and living a life under the Law.

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of the Sovereign God there is nothing new-journey-in-praise-flyerlike serving God. Knowing someone will be introduced, to his love and grace is the best feeling that we can have as a human being. Here on From Sinner To Saint blog is one of the ways that I serve the Lord, through sharing his word with all of you. Some of the other ways is the Journey In Praise ministry which sprouts out three ways. One is the broadcast where we are building a foundation on faith like bricks. you can find me on periscope at @Wilhelmina Lundy and YouTube at Journey In Praise. Next the Lord allows me to serve him through the podcast where you can hear an encouraging word. Praise God, and you can find me on Soundcloud or Itunes Bless the Lord. Journey In Praise can also be found in blog form with the scripture of the day at http://www.journeyinpraise.wordpress.com. And last but not least the Lord allows a prayer wall and here I am able to pray with those who would like to be on the wall. If you would like to be added  to the wall, you can send your name and request to fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com Praise God these are the ways that the Lord has allowed me to fellowship with you all. Now that the Introduction is finished let’s get into the word!

Ezekiel Chapter 34 Shepherds and sheep


Verses 1 -6

The Lord says to Ezekiel to Prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. the have eaten very well and was clothed yet they did not take care of his sheep. the flock are scattered all over and left to become food for wild animals.

The Job of a leader is important if you allow the lost to roam and not bring him back and nourish him as you should then the Lord will turn his back to you. If we watch someone fall and walk were we know that wild dogs are waiting then the Blood is on our hands. Just like when we have children if we don’t raise out children to know that they eat from the hands of the Lord they will grow astray and eat from the wrong hands.

verse 7 -10

The Lord says the flock lacks a shepherd and has become food for all wild animals, and his shepherds did not search for them, but cared for themselves. The Lord says that he is against the shepherd and will hold them accountable for the flock, the shepherd will know longer feed themselves. They Lord says he will rescue the flock and will no longer be food for them.

When we think about the church and we think about the pastors who are well off without any concern for how the parishioners are, that’s a shepherd only out to feed himself. When a parishioner is lost hurt or whitewashing his faith the shepherd is not worried or concerned about restoring the faith.

Verse 11 -16

The Lord says that He will look after his sheep himself and search for them as the shepherd would do. And he will recuse them from being scattered on the days of clouds and darkness. The Lord says he will tend them on green pasture.The Lord says he will search for the lost and bring back the stray, he says he will bind up the injured and weak. and destroy the sleek and strong.

I want to stop there because If we are too strong then we don’t need God. He comes in to our weakness and becomes our strength am I making sense. there is not one perfect person we all have weakness praise God! we are thankful that the Lord decided to be our shepherd and to lay us in green pastures. Bless the Lord.

verse 17 – 24

The Lord says that he will judge between the sheep that the fat sheep were willing to push the weak sheep out the way. Not only are they drinking clean water they are muddying it and trampling the pasture making it unable for others to eat. The Lord says that he will make his servant David the shepherd.

The Lord tells us that he will judge those that are twisting the word, the food when we sit at the Lords table to eat there are some that will feed us false words corrupt and spoiled food. making our foundation on weak faith. The Lords servants are good shepherds because the move by the word of the Lord. A servants job is to feed Gods people the harvest.

verse 25 – 31

The Lord says that he will make a covenant of peace with them and rid the land of wild beast, so that they may be able to live and sleep in safety. The Lord says that he will bless his sheep with crops and trees that bear fruit. And they will know that he is Lord.

God wants us to be well he doesn’t want us to hunger for anything, but we have to be ready to eat and have faith like bricks. rest on Ezekiel 34:26-29 and  be assured that the Lord wants to shower us with blessings, He wants us to have crops and pasture, he wants us to have trees that will yield fruit. Praise God.

Now for the Important part. If you are lost and looking for your Shepard. the sovereign Lord is waiting on you. Turn your bible, google or download the free bible app go to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord and died on the cross. Believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead then you will be saved. All the Lord to bless you with crops and bountiful trees of fruit.

Be Blessed.




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Ezekiel Chapter 4: Visions of sin and judgement

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I pray that you all are having a wonderful Tuesday, that you all are living in your purpose and most importantly enjoying Gods presence. To my followers, thank you all for your support, I am grateful and thankful to be able to share the word with each and every one of you.

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy, and I am a servant of the most high sovereign God. There is nothing like serving such and amazing God. The ways that I serve God is this blog and the Journey In Praise Blog and Broadcast. You can find me on periscope Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @WilhelminaLundy and that is the Journey In Praise broadcast if you don’t have periscope you can catch the broadcast on YouTube or the Facebook page @journeyinpraise. Okay enough of the intro let’s get in to the word.

Ezekiel Chapther 4

verse 1-8

The Lord says to Ezekiel to take a clay tablet and draw Jerusalem on it. the Lord then tells him to build a ramp up to it, set up camps against it and put battering rams around it. He then tells him to take an iron pan, and place it as an iron wall between you and the city to  turn his face toward it. the Lord tells Ezekiel that Jerusalem will be under siege and he shall besiege it (forces them to surrender) . He then tells Ezekiel that this will be a sign to Israel.

The Lord then tells Ezekiel to lie down on his left side, and take on the sin of Israel. the Lord tells Ezekiel that he was to bear sin  for the number of days that he was on his side. He says to Ezekiel I have assigned you the same number of days as the years of their sin. Ezekiel would be on his side and bear their sin for 390days. The Lord tells Ezekiel after the 390days is over then your going to lay on your right side, and bear the sin of the house of Judah, the Lord tells him that he is assigned 40days a day for each year. The Lord tells him to turn his face toward Jerusalem and with bared arm prophesy against her. The Lord tells him  that he will tie him up with ropes so that he can’t turn from side to side until he has finished the days of his siege.

As we begin the next stage of our assignments God puts us in the place to know exactly what we need to know had Ezekiel not laid on his side for the days of their years of sin he would not be able to understand what God wanted him to speak on. The Lord says to Ezekiel I will tie you with ropes so that you won’t change sides. The Lord will assist us to do the things that we need to he will keep us so that we can walk right when he has an assignment on our life.

verse 9-17

The Lord gave Ezekiel certain grain and beans to eat for the days that he laid on his sides he told Ezekiel to make bread out of them and that would be what he ate for the 390 days on his side.The Lord told him to weigh out 20 shekels of food to eat each day, and to eat them at a set time. He also tells Ezekiel to measure out a sixth of 5.5 quarts of water and drink each day at a set time. The Lord tells Ezekiel to eat the food as he would a barley cake; bake it in the sight of the people, using human excrement (waste) for fuel. The Lord says in this way the people , of Israel will eat defiled food among the nations where I will drive them.

Then Ezekiel said, not so,Sovereign Lord! I have never defiled myself. From my youth until now I have never eaten anything found dead or torn by wild animals. No unclean meat has ever entered my mouth.

The Lord says to him Very well then I will let you bake your bread over cow manure instead of human excrement. The Lord says to Ezekiel Son of man, I will cut off the food supply in Jerusalem. The people, will eat rationed food in anxiety and drink rationed water in despair, for food and water will be scarce. They will be appalled at the sight of each other and will waste away because of their sin.

Do you remember when I said that the Lord, takes us through things so that we can teach and show others. Sometimes the Lord will put us through things,so that we can bring people back from that thing. In this chapter Ezekiel tells us that the Lord had him lay on his side a day for each year of sin. 390 days that had to be painful, I’m sure as painful as the sin of those 390 years. Then the Lord had Ezekiel go through eating differently to prepare for the day when he cuts of the food supply. Working for the Lord, isn’t always easy but God always has a reason and he builds us up for understand and being able to relate to the people that he will send us to. That’s why our struggles are our lessons. There’s a blessings in every lesson.

Now for the Important part if you are looking for salvation,  google, or download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Get in to the word and Enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Sovereign God




Follow him


This week I found myself quietly focused on who was focused on me. Who found me pleasing? or why wasn’t anyone acknowledging who I am, that I exist. My eyes showed me no one, but my heart looked at Jesus like you’re always there. I was taking him for granted, and losing focus with the word.

John 21:3:  This part of the scripture talks about how Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, James, John, and two other disciples went out to fish but didn’t catch anything. The next verse goes on to say Jesus called out to them “friends. haven’t you any fish?” and they answered him “no”. verse 6 goes to say that Jesus tells them to throw their net on the right side of the boat, when they did they weren’t able to carry the net in, because of the great amount of fish that was in it.it wa lo noticed that the net wasn’t damaged.
This story reminds me that  I alone isn’t going to get me where God plans for me to be. I need to allow God to lead and I follow him.
John 21:15  In this verse Jesus ask Simon Peter 3 times if he loved him, each time Peters response was you know I love you. Jesus’s first respond to Simon Peter was feed my lamb his second response was take care of my sheep,1 the third time Simon Peter was pretty shook up because this is 3 times he is asking and he says Lord you know all things I love you Jesus says feed my sheep. In this verse I see it like If you love God why not follow him, and then give people the word, his word. Share love (God)
John 21:20  Jesus tells Peter to follow him, He also lets Peter know how he would die. Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them and ask Jesus “Lord what about him?” and he replies if I want him to stay alive until I return what does it matter?  you must follow me.
Do you find yourself looking at someone elses blessings? or worried about what the next person is up to? we all do. Sometimes I find myself wondering, how much work the next  did to get the blessings that they have? Why is this person so lucky how many followers does this person have. From there it made me question, if I was working hard enough, it even made me question if I was doing too much. Reading this scripture I see the answer to that situation. I should not be worried about being pleasing to others, I should be focused on being pleasing to God. I should be on Jesus. We as human beings,  not only Christians seem to forget the importance of staying in the word, and focused on God. We look at our neighbors and what they have and what they may not have just to see if we have more or less than that person, Instead of where the truth is. We were not put here to be in competition with each other, we were put here for his purpose. so if we were focused on the word of God, and God’s work, when would we have time to worry about taking inventory of what others have.

I took focus on this today and am glad to say I avoided all kinds of drama today. When I had the oppertunity to watch someone fail, I took the time to break from the office squirl and encourage the person to do better, as God had did with me.
With that being said, brothers and sisters I encourage you to focus on God, to not worry about what is in the other window, to let go of the grass is greener syndrome. When we have our work in order, and he has put us where he wants us to be.  Adding someone elses journey on that path will just take us off path. so I encourage you to call his name when you may be looking in another Direction, to call his name when you may be focused on someone else’s blessing. You’ll be busy missing your blessing, you’ll be busy missing God guiding  you because you’re not following him, your n looking toward him. You’re busy following someone else. When we talk about role models let’s try to encourage our children to make Jesus their number one role model because we want our children to follow him. Amen

Thank you for reading this blog please don’t forget to follow. Until next time be blessed brothers and sisters.