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Ezekiel Chapter 25

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Ezekiel Chapter 25 prophecy against Ammon

Ezekiel said that the word of the Lord came to him and told him to turn his face to Ammonites because they said that Aha when the sanctuary when it was disrespected, when the land of Israel was turned in to waste and when the people of Judah was exiled. The Lord says he is turning then over to the people of the East as a possession. They will set up camps,eat your fruit and drink your milk. I will turn Rabbah ( the chief city of the people of Ammonites) a pasture for camels and Ammon a resting place for sheep and then they will know the He is Lord.The Lord says because Ammonites laughed and celebrated with malice toward the land of Israel. The Lord says he will give them as plunder ( a place to steal from) to the nations. he says I will destroy you and you will know that I am the Lord.

A Prophecy Against Moab

The Lord tells Ezekiel that he will give Moab to the east along with the Ammonites because they laughed and said to look the house of Judah is like other nations.

Prophecy Against Edom

They Lord says because Edom took revenge on the house of Judah the Lord will release his wrath on Edom and they will know his vengeance.

Prophecy Against Philistia

Because Philistine acted out in vengeance and malice against Judah the Lord will act out and show his wrath toward the Philistines.

This chapter makes us realize one thing when someone is going through hard times don’t try to step on them don’t kick them when they are done. All who the Lord told Ezekiel to turn his back toward were those who wanted to laugh and attack Judah when they were dealing with their punishment. Be carful how you treat people, you never know what they could be going through.

Now for the Important part If you are looking for Salvation, you desire to have a personal relationship with the sovereign God. Google, download the free bible app, or turn your bible to Romans 10:9, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord , and believe with your heart that he died for our sins, and God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. Study the word and allow the Lord to move mountain in your life.




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Job Chapter 10:  Jobs response to Bildad continues 

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Praise God! good day Gods people, I am Praying that you all are doing wonderful and praising our awesome Lord. I was missing in action yesterday and I do apologize for that, believe me when I say I felt like something was missing, obedience does not allow you to slip on your  assignment from God, you will hear from the spirit right away.

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Let me introduce myself  for those who do not know who I am, my name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. There is nothing better than serving such an awesome Sovereign God. Ok lets get in to the word.

Job chapter 10
In this chapter Job says I have disgust for my very life; so I am willing to freely speak out in bitterness and complaint of my soul.

At this point Job is a man ready to die now he’s saying; I don’t want to do this anymore. I will speak about my complaints and sorrows. 

 He says Lord don’t  punish me but let me know what I did wrong, why are you putting me through this.

When we are going through a rough time when we feel as if God has his rod on us, Some would say we are attacked by the enemy. 

Trying to figure out what we did wrong and how we got to that point will add strain and stress, it will sometimes make us feel worse than we are feeling naturally it will began to attack the spirit.

 At this point you may even fill like Job but hold on, the storm sometimes will have you feel like that.

Job says he would say to God does it please you to oppress me? are you like a mortal that you are only looking for the bad in me? 

Even though you know that I am not guilty, and that you are so mighty that no one can help me.

You are my maker are you now my destroyer? You have put me together, blessed my life and watched over me. If I had sinned  you would have punished me right away.

Even if I am innocent, I can’t lift my head I am consumed  in my great sorrow. And even if I hold my head high, you come with your awesome power against me and bring people to speak against me and increase my pain and suffering. 

Job says that when he is trying to get his mind right here comes people to bring negative around to push him back down.

Have you ever experienced that? when you are going through something here comes people to add on to your troubles so you feel as if your getting it from every angle 

Job says why didn’t I die at birth, if only I wasn’t loved and had good things, if I had died at birth I never would have been able to feel this moment.

He says aren’t I going to die soon release me, so that I can have a moment of joy.

Praise God! Job is feeling as if he can’t take anymore, he feels as if no matter what he says God is not going to answer him, he’s just going to get more angry.

I’m sure that we all have those moments, where we may say father why has thou forsaken me. Know that there is a rise at the end. There is never a time or a thing that we go through that God hasn’t prepared a way out already, you have to reach into the spirit realm and through faith pull it into the natural with the strength of the Holy Spirit, speaking it in to existence moving as if you are already in your latter days.

If you remember Job said he can’t even come to him because he is consumed in his grief, grief will bring us to speak negative if  we let it take over. 

If you are in the eye of the storm and you just can’t see a clear view to the outside or pass the debris that’s flying around.  Just know keep your eyes on what is to come, keep focused on faith, and strength but most of all the goodness of God.

Have a blessed Thursday 

Now for the Important part, if you are looking for salvation Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on the cross and God raised him from the dead you will be saved. open the door to a wonderful relationship with our Sovereign God Jesus Christ. 

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Job Chapter 9: Jobs reply to Bildad 

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Let me introduce myself my name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of the most high Sovereign God Jesus Christ. There is nothing better than serving a sovereign God He is more than welcome to fill me up with his presence. Now for the word of God.

Job Chapter 9

Yesterday we heard from Jobs friend Bildad and he explained to Job to be patient if his words were true and he was without sin that God will show up and he will be happy  again. In chapter 9 Job replies  to Bildad and he says:

Indeed this is true.But how can a mortal be righteous before God? He could not answer him one time out of a thousand.

Job is speaking of the many times he called on Gods name to release him from the pain and dispear.

Job states that Gods wisdom is great, and his powers is immeasurable. No one has resist him and come out undamaged.

He moves mountains with out them crimbling and collapsing, he has the strength to overturn them in his anger.

He shakes the earth and makes them tremble. He has the power to make the sun not come up and to clear the sky of the stars.

He alone stretch out the heavens, and walks on the waves of the sea.

He perfoms wonders that can not be fathomed, miracles that can not be counted. No one can stop him he is the maker of all and he can put an end to all that he creates. 

Job goes on to say; even though I did not do anything who am I to argue with God, I can only beg for his mercy.

Even if I summoned him and he responded I don’t believe he would give me a hearing. He would crush me with a storm. 

Job says who am I to argue  with God he is the maker of all things , who am I to question what he chose to do or how he chooses to display his anger, I can only say Lord have mercy on my soul.

Job stated in 9:20 Even if I were innocent,  my mouth would condemn me; if I were blameless, it would pronounce me guilty.

Job says; although I am blameless, I have no concern for myself; I despise my own life. 

He says his days are quick if he stops complaining or smile he will still dread all his sufferings. No matter what he does God is still going to put him through what he is going through.

Job says; God is not a man that I could comfront him in court. If only there was someone who could mediate between us. Someone who could remove Gods rod from me. So that his terror wouldn’t frighten me any more.than I could speak up without fear of him, but as for right now I can’t. 

Praise God ! Yes God is the creator of all things, even satan has to ask for permission. Being ill and in pain made Job angry over his circumstances but he was aware that he just wanted mercy, he felt that he was not goid enough to question God it would be an insult to God, but maybe someone else could stand as a middle man so that he wouldn’t catch anymore of Gods wrath directly.

Sometimes we may feel like we are not worthy to speak to the Lord about how ever we are feeling, so we seek priest, pastors and intercessors to go before God on our behalf.

This book was before Jesus so you know all through this chapter I took the time to thank Jesus for his sacrifices Thanking him for being the arbitrator for us, Hallelujah Thank you Jesus for your blood thst washed me clean Glory to God, Thank you for the ability to be able to repent and go to the Father. Gloryyyy to God. 

Now for the Important part, if you are looking for salvation Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on the cross and God raised him from the dead you will be saved. open the door to a wonderful relationship with our Sovereign God Jesus Christ he has been waiting for you. 

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Job Chapter 4

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I am Praying that God if lifting you all up from what ever you are going through and how ever you feel today.

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Let me introduce myself my name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of the most high Sovereign God, I must add that there is nothing better. Than serving God, in his presence is where I find peace.

Lets Move on to chapter 4

Job: Chapter 4

Eliphaz the termanite replied to Jobs curse of his day of birth

He tells Job that he has instructed many to do great things have strengthened weak hands, that his words have supported those who stumbled,.

He goes on to say to Job, now that trouble has come to you, you are discouraged, shouldn’t you have confidence from your devotion and your blameless ways be your hope.

The innocent should never die, where have you seen the upright distroyed?

He goes on and says I have seen that those who plow evil and sow trouble reap it.At the breath of God they are distroyed at the blast of his anger they perish.

The lions may roar and growl, yet the teeth of the great lions are broken. The lions perishes,for lack of prey, and the cubsof the lioness are scattered.

I am sure this has happened to many of you, were something is going on in your life and friends come to support and try to figure what you have done to bring the problems. They mean well but hadn’t figured out that what you are in the mist of is Something more then a blame and a what did you do, it’s a time to get one you knees and lay prostrate and Lord be my strength through my suffering be my light out of this clouded tunnel.

Yes Eliphaz was correct Job’s devotion and faith should have gave him confidence that it would be over and hope. But sometimes the pain or sitituation is all we can see. Lets go on.

 Eliphax says a word was brought to him when he slept a voice was heard in a whisper  “Can a mortal be more righteous than God l? Can a man be more pure than his maker? If God places no trust in his servants, if he charges his angels with error, How much more those who live in houses of clay, whose foundations are in the dust, who are crushed more readily than a moth! Between dawn and dusk they are broken to pieces; unnoticed they perish forever.

 Are not the cords of there tents pulled up, so that they die without wisdom?

Eliphaz was speaking from his opinion Lets remember that God places trust in his servants he knows exactly what we are going to do and how we are going to react.

This valuable lesson comes with our need to gain conformation from others. We are in the mist of a storm and so busy wailing about what we are going through that we can’t hear Gods voice and too busy trying to figure out why we are going through the storm? that we aren’t listening to the voice that tells us how to be protected from the lightening in the storm. So then comes friends, others adding what they think God has meant for you.

That’s why it’s so important to bring yourself into God’s  presence and take the time to speak to him and listen for his word, and most importantly ask him for discernment especially in the mist of a storm or season of test.

God bless you all I pray that you take a moment and speak to God in your good times and in your bad times, most importantly know that nothing last long when you are in His presence.

Now for the Important part, if you are looking for salvation Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on the cross and God raised him from the dead you will be saved. get in a good bible based church and start a renewed relationship with our Sovereign God Jesus Christ. I love you guys.

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Esther chapter 2: Esther prepares to meet king Xerxes

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I am Praying that this blog reaches you in the greatest position God can put you in, that you are moving forward in your purpose and the process isn’t as hard as you thought it could be.

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 Who am I? My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a woman of God/ periscope host /blogger/online business owner/student yes that is alot but my favorite and greatest job of them all is being a servant of the most high Sovereign God. 

Now that the introduction is over lets get started. 

Esther Chapter 2

Chapter 2 starts off when King Xerxes sobered up after his seven days of drinking and realized what he did and why he did it ( scroll down and see Esther chapter 1). In his confusion his personal attendant proposed that he start a search to be made for beautiful virgins for the king, to appoint commissioners in every province of his realm and bring all beautiful girls to citadel of Susa.that they should be placed under Hegai the eunuch who is in charge of all women. For them to have beauty treatments(makeovers ) and the girl who pleased the king will be crowned queen. King Xerxes liked the advice of his attendant and followed it.

Now in the citadel of susa was a Jew tribe of Benjamin one of the men name Mordecai, had a cousin who he raised himself because her parents had died the cousins name was Hadassah she was also called Esther. The bible tells us that she was lovely in form and features.

When Hegai saw Esther he was pleased with her look and immediately sent her for her beauty treatments and assigned seven maids,  special foods, and moved her to the best place in the harem.

Esther had not revealed her nationality or background because Mordecai had forbidden her to do so. Everyday Mordecai walked back and forth between the courtyard by the harem to keep an eye on how Esther was doing and what was happening to her.

This is amazing how Mordecai  raised his cousins daughter because her parents had died, yet he protected her like she was his natural born child he stayed around to make sure his family was okay, I pray that more family members learn the Love that Mordecai had for Esther. 

The routine that the girls went through before going to king Xerxes in preparation to possibly become queen was one year of beauty treatments. Six months of oil and myrrh and six months of perfumes and cosmetics.

When it was the girls time to go to the king to be looked over they were allowed to take anything they wanted to the kings palace she would spend the night and in the morning go to the care of shaashgaz the kings eunuch who was in charge of the kings concubines.

When it was Esthers turn she asked for nothing but what Hegai has suggested. Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her.

She was taken to King Xerxes in the royal residence in the tenth month and his seventh year of reign. 

The king was attracted to Esther as soon as he laid eyes on her face. He immediately set the royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti. The The king gave a banquet in honor of Esther his new queen he also proclaimed the day a holiday through out the province.

Mordecai uncovers a conspiracy 

Mordecai was at the gate ( still making sure that Esther was protected no doubt) and he over heard two Gaurds angrily speaking about assassinating the King. Mordecai rushed to tell Queen Esther who told the king giving all the credit to Mordecai. The officials were hung on gallows. All this was recorded in the book of annals in the presence of the king.

Amen, it’s amazing how God works most women understand  this part of things. Though Vashti wasn’t meant for king Xerxes in this part of his reign. Maybe she wasn’t even happy with him, maybe she liked a quiet life and got a nice little house some jewels and lived a peaceful life. We know what God had planned for Esther and he moved and shifted some people to put her in the place that I’m sure Mordecai prepared her for. 

And even as Mordecai was loyal to her she was loyal to him Esther gave him all the credit when it came ro revealing thw officials, I’m  sure had king Xerxes not picked Esther those officials would have  succeeded in thier plot to assassinate the king. God is shifting and I am excited to find out what how in the chapters to come.

On another note when you are preparing for something look to this book to remind you that God is always shifting and move some people, places, and things to stay focus and visualize the shift. I hope you enjoyed this chapter I sure enjoyed it.

For the important things if you are looking for salvation Google, open your Bible or download a Bible app turn to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on a cross and God raised him from the dead and you will be saved. Open your Bible and read the gospel and enjoy Fellowship with the Lord and savior until next time God bless you

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Esther Chapter 1: how Esther became queen

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Who am I ? My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a Woman of God/ Blogger /Periscope host /online business owner/student.  Yes all of that but the best thing is being a woman of God I love being a servant of the Most High Sovereign God. Praise God. If you would like to be added on to the prayer list please send an email to fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com  with your name and prayer request. 

We have finished the book of Daniel, what a wonderful book. In the book of Daniel we learned how to be faithful servants of God, we learned about fasting, and how important it is to keep a journal and right down the visions that God gives us.if you missed the blogs on the book of Daniel please scroll down and enjoy the lessons out of  the book. 

Now we are on the book of Esther. No I don’t go in order I go in Obedience, God has away of pointing out a book for me and I in Obedience study and share it, let me add that it is said that Esther is the only book that doesn’t mention God but his presences is noticed . Okay lets begin the chapter.

Esther Chapter 1

 This chapter begins explaining to us that king xerxes who ruled over 120 provinces (territory ) he ruled from his throne in citdal of susa. King xerxes held a banquet that last 180 days for the nobles and princes of Persia and Media showing how well off he was. After 180 days were up he held another banquet in the enclosed garden for everyone from least to greatest that encludes servant’s regular folks and higher level people. Wine of chioce was served and the best of food was available. On the seventh day drunk from wine Xerxes called for his wife to be brought to him wearing her royal crown to show off her beauty to his people, but Queen Vashti refused to be apart of what was going on. 

King Xerxes was angered in his drunken state called for the wise men to speak on how to handle the Queen, they stated to him that the queen was wrong, what does it show the other women that when thier husbands call upon them, they can say the queen denied the king they could as well.

It was decreed that she should never be in the sight of the king again it was written in the law of Persia and Media. Also that the king was to give her royal position to someone else who is better than she. The king sent messengers to pass this decree in every language to each province that every man should be ruler over his house.

Whoaaa that was serious I’m sure alot of women agree with Queen Vashti. Your drunk I’m not putting myself out there this isn’t America’s next top model. Mind you what I didn’t mention was that when king Xerxes was having his 180 days of showing off,  Queen Vashti was entertaining the women, so she probably was like man, I’m tired you just add seven more days we showed our wealth, enough. One things for sure how ever it went down God was shifting for Esther.

This is going an exciting journey especially for relationships I think that’s what it sounds like at this moment.

Before I leave If you have the desire to have a closer relationship with God and in need of Salvation turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved,  take the time to speak with him and allow our Sovereign God to fill your cracks, God Bless You