Follow him


This week I found myself quietly focused on who was focused on me. Who found me pleasing? or why wasn’t anyone acknowledging who I am, that I exist. My eyes showed me no one, but my heart looked at Jesus like you’re always there. I was taking him for granted, and losing focus with the word.

John 21:3:  This part of the scripture talks about how Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, James, John, and two other disciples went out to fish but didn’t catch anything. The next verse goes on to say Jesus called out to them “friends. haven’t you any fish?” and they answered him “no”. verse 6 goes to say that Jesus tells them to throw their net on the right side of the boat, when they did they weren’t able to carry the net in, because of the great amount of fish that was in it.it wa lo noticed that the net wasn’t damaged.
This story reminds me that  I alone isn’t going to get me where God plans for me to be. I need to allow God to lead and I follow him.
John 21:15  In this verse Jesus ask Simon Peter 3 times if he loved him, each time Peters response was you know I love you. Jesus’s first respond to Simon Peter was feed my lamb his second response was take care of my sheep,1 the third time Simon Peter was pretty shook up because this is 3 times he is asking and he says Lord you know all things I love you Jesus says feed my sheep. In this verse I see it like If you love God why not follow him, and then give people the word, his word. Share love (God)
John 21:20  Jesus tells Peter to follow him, He also lets Peter know how he would die. Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them and ask Jesus “Lord what about him?” and he replies if I want him to stay alive until I return what does it matter?  you must follow me.
Do you find yourself looking at someone elses blessings? or worried about what the next person is up to? we all do. Sometimes I find myself wondering, how much work the next  did to get the blessings that they have? Why is this person so lucky how many followers does this person have. From there it made me question, if I was working hard enough, it even made me question if I was doing too much. Reading this scripture I see the answer to that situation. I should not be worried about being pleasing to others, I should be focused on being pleasing to God. I should be on Jesus. We as human beings,  not only Christians seem to forget the importance of staying in the word, and focused on God. We look at our neighbors and what they have and what they may not have just to see if we have more or less than that person, Instead of where the truth is. We were not put here to be in competition with each other, we were put here for his purpose. so if we were focused on the word of God, and God’s work, when would we have time to worry about taking inventory of what others have.

I took focus on this today and am glad to say I avoided all kinds of drama today. When I had the oppertunity to watch someone fail, I took the time to break from the office squirl and encourage the person to do better, as God had did with me.
With that being said, brothers and sisters I encourage you to focus on God, to not worry about what is in the other window, to let go of the grass is greener syndrome. When we have our work in order, and he has put us where he wants us to be.  Adding someone elses journey on that path will just take us off path. so I encourage you to call his name when you may be looking in another Direction, to call his name when you may be focused on someone else’s blessing. You’ll be busy missing your blessing, you’ll be busy missing God guiding  you because you’re not following him, your n looking toward him. You’re busy following someone else. When we talk about role models let’s try to encourage our children to make Jesus their number one role model because we want our children to follow him. Amen

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